Last week I had the absolute joy of speaking with Anna Kennedy and Aston Avery on Gateway Radio 97.8pm.

Tips for mental health and well-being were high on the agenda but we also touched on using tips for self care also.

As parents or carers for our autistic /neurodivergent children, we ourselves are very often suffering with fatigue, stress levels equivalent to veteran beck from the front line, as well as secondary PTSD.

Our children are also a whopping great 4x more likely to suffer with PTSD than the military.

We have no training and are so often fighting a system that is failing or children beyond miserably. That fight continues into further education as well as employment.

If we are continually pouring from an empty cup we end upon burn out ourselves and we are not firing on all cylinders or being dunks to stay on top of everything our children need from us.



So please, even if it’s just for ten minutes a day, here are a few tips you can do for yourselves to keep your own happy hormones and coping chemicals on a good flow.

1. Massaging your temples backwards and forwards with your fingertips.



2. Stroking upwards on your forehead, under your cheekbones and up your jaw.



3. Doing gentle seated spinal twists.

4. Lying with your legs up against a wall to lower heart rate and blood pressure ( unless you’re epileptic)

5. Doing an online meditation ( they are free on YouTube)

6. Going for a walk/ getting outside into nature

7. Reading

8. Taking a bath with candles or mischief playing

These may seem like simple things but as mothers, as parents we are so needed.

As any latent of a neurodivergent child will tell you, everything – absolutely everything – is a heartbreaking fight full of closed doors.

So keep yourselves topped up so we can keep on kicking those doors down.


Stay positive and have a great week everyone,

Lots of love ,


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