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In speaking on the Women’s Radio Station on the 25/09/2023 between 14:00PM to 15:00PM to Anna Kennedy OBE, I would first say that it was an experience that will stand me in good stead if I ever go on LBC Radio in the future. Additionally, it was an enormous pleasure to speak to Anna of whom I did not know of until someone mentioned her looking at me in the media because of my autism in being a councillor… what a weird set of circumstances where recognition was in reverse.


Oops, perhaps I should have introduced myself first! My name is Kyle Jamie Eldridge and I am 26 years of age currently living in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire. Additionally, I am currently a Town and Community Councillor for Abergavenny Town Council and Llantilio Pertholey Community Council as well as a student at the University of South Wales studying Business and Management at their City of Newport Campus. Although, I have found my home within Wales, originally I am from Kettering, Northamptonshire and it is within that county where I was formed in terms of life experience, my outlook in today’s world, but above all… I am looking forward to the future of which I fought and is fighting very hard for today.

When referring to some of the answers to the questions that I sent Anna, it was very difficult to include what do I do (Naturally enough) and just as much hard to say all the places I have lived (Six places and eight homes in total). However, it was all necessary because I am an autistic being that has lived a great deal already. Moreover, in answering in how significant is the Autistic contribution in British Society is, I would say that it is a potential that is extremely untapped and for good reason too,because of one simple thing… fear, fear of exploring something that could make a significant contribution to society today, but I ask… is society ready for Autisticpeople? I will leave that to you!

Conclusively, in regards if I have made a substantial contribution already and now what, I strive every day to be defined as a giver rather than a taker and it is with that sense of thinking that I will never be satisfied. Unfortunately, people say I push myself too hard and perhaps they are right, but there is so much to do and so many people not confident enough to celebrate who they are… I wish to change that! Perhaps, the most delicious aspect of the talk was if I was a desert what would I be and why, quite simply a Bakewell Tart – Innocent on the outside, packs one hell of a kick on the inside.

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