Autism’s Got Talent 2023 Highlights and Messages from our Performers



“Autism is not a disability, it’s a different way of thinking and this weekend I met some of the most talented people from all four corners of the UK and even a couple from Canada. I use music as a celebration of my life and this weekend my celebration rang so true it was an absolute joy to be part of something so unique, joyous and special, my memories are awash with pride for what we achieved. Well done everyone and thank you for making me so happy” – Fred Tennant


“I really enjoy an atmosphere where everyone understands each other and co-operates. I felt that everyone felt welcome right from the very beginning and was happy to be there. Anna just seems to have a magic touch to her in making such an atmosphere possible. I enjoyed making friends and sharing my act with everyone else. Everyone supported each other in my opinion.” – Nath Trevett


“I had such an incredible time at Autism’s Got Talent, It was so relaxing and welcoming I felt amazing.

From the red carpet photos to chilling back stage with my amazing friend Isla. Isla and I had so much fun hanging out during the day and back stage, It felt amazing knowing we were all the same with little unique parts to us all.
I absolutely loved performing on the amazing stage especially as the lighting etc all matched my sparkling new street costume and the audience were so supportive and engaging.
I absolutely loved the opportunity to learn a new solo for Autisms Got Talent; my teachers and mum were so proud of my performance. I recently lost my Nanna and she would of been so proud of me too.
Thank you so much Anna and her team for the opportunity and memories to treasure.” – Skye Richards

We are absolutely happy that Oscar has been chosen for Autism’s Got Talent! For our family, Autism’s Got Talent 2023 became the most breathtaking, magnificent, and incredible event of this year in our life! We have no words to explain how worried and nervous our family was, but not Oscar! He was always ready!

At first, Oscar did not understand where we were going, until he was performing on stage and he loved all of the people clapping for him! It was an atmosphere of infinite love and happiness!

All of the people around were extremely friendly and understanding. All of the performers were amazing!

We would like to extend a special thank you to the presenters! Thank you to Philip Barnett, his humour and support were very important for us!

Thank you to Lisa Robins, who was in contact with us from the beginning and helped us at all times, including during the show. Of course thank you to Anna Kennedy, the amazing woman who organised this outstanding event! It is absolutely obvious that Anna Kennedy is a woman with a huge heart!

Now Autism’s Got Talent has become a part of our lives forever and we will be very happy to participate both as performers and a part of the audience!

With love and best wishes,

Oscar Bugaev, his sister Xenia and their parents

Thank you to all of our performers and everyone who came to support this year’s Autism’s Got Talent

Applications for Autism’s Got Talent 2024 are now open! Click here to submit your audition.

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