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Tony Mantor talks “All Things Autism” with Anna Kennedy OBE – Women’s Radio Station


My guest on Womens Radio on Monday is Tony Mantor

Singer-songwriter, Producer, Pianist, Podcast Host

Tony Mantor is an established and successful American singer-songwriter, pianist, podcast host and record-charting music producer who is celebrating working in Nashville for more than 30 years. A classically trained pianist at heart since he was eight years old,

Tony’s musical journey began in the late 70’s just outside of Madison, Maine where he was born and raised on a dairy farm. Musically inspired by iconic artists like Elvis Presley, Cher and Karen Carpenter, Tony’s piano skills evolved into him writing and performing his own songs. Both as a solo artist and in rock bands throughout his teens and early twenties in his home state of Maine and New England, Tony found a peaceful refuge in music which became his life’s calling.


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“Tony is pivotal in helping the world understand autism directly from autistic people and their families in the US .
His podcast is giving a voice to people who would otherwise not be heard and bridging the gap between awareness, acceptance  and understanding.”
It was such a pleasure to talk with Anna Kennedy on her show talking ‘All things Autism’ on Womens Radio.
Hopefully the subjects we covered today will help bring light to the many in this world that may need some assistance.
I am looking forward to have her on my podcast in the near future.

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