By Giuliana Wheater

Yoga is now well recognised as a therapy to encourage wellness , focus & peace .

And is wonderful for ANY child regardless of neurodivergence or neurotypicality.

This week I have included 6 very simple yoga poses for EVERYONE , including if you need to be assisted.


Everything I share , I love to think that it’s all TOTALLY INCLUSIVE.

Did you know that yoga improves mental flexibility so is amazing for autistic people for instance ?! When we exercise our bodies we are exercising our brains . Just simple yoga exercises with our hands and fingers stimulate the brain as the muscles found here relate to the muscles of the brain .

Yoga also promotes self awareness , interpersonal awareness , compassion , body awareness along with self esteem as the neurotransmitters of happiness , confidence , productivity & motivation are pushed up from the gut & stimulated in the brain ! 90% of our happy hormone, serotonin, is made in the gut !!

Yoga balances the nervous system because of the release of these vital neurotransmitters & eases stress as well building our resilience to stress & boosting immunity . Much needed in these challenging times of the “new normal “.

Through the regular practice of yoga self management , self regulation & emotional/social intelligence are given a turbo charge ! Depression is reduced as well as anxiety . Sensory integration is boosted too …. fabulous for our children with autism & other different abilities .

Yoga incorporates mindfulness , sound ,breath work & meditation too so it flows beautifully alongside & interwoven with my other therapies .

Yoga should never hurt contrary to a common myth & can be done seated if there are mobility issues along with assisted yoga.

Yoga is also HUGE fun & can be turned into stories , charades , games & even songs or music as I frequently do with the children & families I work with . Everything is an invitation & everything is fun & inclusive . I have lots of videos on my YouTube channel where I “play” with yoga in this way so that even tiny children want to explore it … all whilst getting these amazing benefits !!

Here are six simple poses to get started with.



Take care everyone!

See you next week!

Lots of love,

Giuliana xx

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