Samuel J. Levine Speaks on “All Things Autism” With Anna Kennedy OBE – Women’s Radio Station


I am a Professor of Law at Touro Law Center in New York, and I have a strong personal and professional interest in disability rights and inclusion, particularly in the area of autism awareness and acceptance.  A number of years ago,  I initiated the Disability Rights and Inclusion Project at Touro, dedicated to promoting awareness, acceptance, and inclusion.  Over the years, we have organized a number of programs and events, including webinars that have attracted audiences around the world.  A number of our programs have focused on autism, including discussions of education, employment, and religion. I have also authored Was Yosef on the Spectrum?, which explores the story of biblical Joseph, son of Jacob, through the lens of autism.
It was an honor and a pleasure for me to appear on Anna’s program, and to be able to contribute to your important and groundbreaking work.  I enjoyed the conversation, and I look forward to being in touch.

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