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Eye Yoga for Tired Eyes & Mental Health – Giuliana Wheater


If you think about it our eyes have become used to staring at lights – often bright lights – all day. And often well into the night too. From the moment we wake up we are exposed to the blue light emission from our phones, artificial lights in our schools , shops and offices, right down to the blinking of lights on the road. That’s a lot of stimulation for our eyes and can contribute significantly to overwhelm and meltdown in our neurodivergent children.


For so many of us now, vast amounts of screen time via computers, laptops, phones, tablets and other devices, takes up a huge part of our day. If your eyes feel tired of puffy, red or itchy, watery, blurred or you’re suffering with headaches or even back pain , the answer could lie with your eyes. For many of us who are sensitive to bright lights, it can really affect our day to day well-being. 


Yoga can be wonderful for helping with this ! Eye yoga not only soothes and revives tired eyes and calms the mind and brain but it also refreshes your physical and mental well-being. These exercises also improve concentration levels as well as vision. It’s inclusive for everyone regardless of physical ability too.


Here are a few simple eye yoga exercises to start with.


My personal favourite is rubbing my palms vigorously together and then cupping them warmly over my eyes. Tiredness melts away as does all the noise and overwhelm of the outside world around me.


See what you think !

You can even put these exercises into lucky dip boxes to get younger children involved


Look after yourselves and each other.


See you next week !


Lots of love,

Giuliana xx







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