Autism Hero Awards & Drama Exam


I thought that I was just attending the Autism Hero Awards 2023 as a guest, to see the inspiring individuals and groups being recognised for their achievements within the autism community. It was nice to hear everyone’s stories and the recognition as to why they are a hero within the autism community.

Little did I know that the announcement came that I would be recognised as one of the charity supporters of the year, this came to me as an absolute surprise as I truly did not expect to be recognised. It was not only recognition for my work within the autism community for Annakennedyonline and raising funds for them, but for what I do on Gateway 97.8 with Anna Kennedy OBE, raising acceptance and awareness for autism in Essex, which I will continue to do for the foreseeable.

The charity and what it stands for is very close to me. Fast forward to the next day, I was taking my latest set of perforning arts exams. Grade 8 Trinity Musical Theatre group exam and a Grade 7 Trinity solo drama exam, the good news was I ended up getting a Distinction in both which is the highest mark that can be obtained. Sadly like the Intermediate Modern exam I took earlier this year the examining body made it very difficult not only for me, but for my friends to take this exam. Because of us having additional needs. Ths time they required an exemption pass from the Dr’s.

This was very strange as I had taken all my exams in the past with no assistance and as a capable performer. It is sad that there is still ignorance within society and an assumption of what having autism, health and additional needs will stop you being able to achieve. It could have made this hard for me and my friends, but our teacher Moira would not have that. At the end of the day this smashed their theory out of the park! Distinction!

My name is Aston Avery I am autistic and I am very very proud!

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