Anna talks to Ruth King on ‘All Things Autism’ – Women’s Radio Station


Ruth King is a Business Development Manager for Autism Dogs Charity. She is autistic herself and has been the handler of her own Autism Assistance Dog for nearly 7 years. As the handler one of the very first dogs delivered by Autism Dogs, Ruth has seen the Organisation grow and develop throughout the years.


Starting as an ambassador for the Charity in 201, Ruth’s role with Autism Dogs Charity has included contributing to a wide variety of projects, raising awareness about Autism Assistance Dogs, running a social media support service for other handlers, and drawing on her own experience to offer advice and guidance in the Charity’s Delivery Panels.


Aside from her work with Autism Dogs Charity, Ruth is also a professional artist who specialises in hyperrealistic pastel paintings of animals. Working under the name ‘R Victor King art’, her work is always focused on her special interests – animals and Christian theology.
She lives in Plymouth with her husband Jonathan and her dog ‘Ryder’.


Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to talk about some of the incredible benefits of Autism Assistance Dogs, and for making me feel so welcome on the show.
Autism Dogs Charity envisions a world where every autistic person is accepted, understood, and given the support they need to not only cope with the challenges they face – but to thrive! We are the only Assistance Dog Charity Accredited by the National Autistic Society and we have also achieved the Advanced Accreditation Specialist Award, which reflects our understanding and care for the autistic people we support through our bespoke programme.


Through your wonderful radio show, we can help others to find out about the transformative outcomes of our Assistance Dog programme, and raise public awareness and understanding of autism and the incredible roles that these very special dogs have. I am so delighted to have been given the opportunity to talk with such a kind, dedicated, and inspirational person who is furthering knowledge, acceptance, and celebration of autistic people. Thank you so much, Anna!


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