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So many autistic/neurodivergent children hit meltdown.


It’s heartbreaking for us .


It’s heartbreaking for them.



And meltdowns continue in various ways into adulthood.


They don’t just magically disappear when you turn 18.


Autistic children become autistic adults.



Trying to blend in with a neurotypical world is exhausting. I often smile wryly when I hear about parents or employees pushing for “reasonable adjustments” : autistic people are making HUGE and often unreasonable adjustments every single minute of every day.



This leads to autistic hangover, autistic meltdown, and finally autistic shutdown.



Burying every aspect of who you are is beyond exhausting, very frustrating and distressing.


Burying all that fear, anxiety, dread , so many bottled up emotions including anger , deep in your gut causes not just poor mental health but also gut and elimination issues.


The gut is the second or enteric brain; the seat of meltdowns, dread, anxiety and anger.



Intrinsically linked to our first or cognitive brain, the two are talking to each other via the vagus nerve continually, even when you are asleep.



This yoga pose is a deeply restful, grounding and nurturing pose.

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It is wonderful to do for a couple of minutes every morning to quiet the mind, clear the brain and ease whatever you are storing in your gut.



It pushes the dopamine ( the neurotransmitter got attention, focus, perspective, concentration and motivation from your gut into your brain.



Our gut also produces 90% of our serotonin ( the neurotransmitter for mental health : happiness, confidence & self esteem).



Not to sound too nerdy, but the melatonin we need to regulate sleep, mood and aggression is made from serotonin so that is boosted too.


So it is really effective to do regularly each evening before bed too.


It really doesn’t need to take long !



Closing down the body in this “Child’s Pose” also stimulates oxytocin – the neurotransmitter with which babies fill when they are breastfeeding. It’s the ULTIMATE in love and nurture.


It also stimulates our emotional intelligence.



This yoga pose, when practised regularly, is a very effective and proactive method to quiet the mind and soothe the gut.



If someone has ready hit meltdown, they won’t feel like doing this.


By being proactive we can help to prevent or at least lessen the frequency of meltdowns.



As parents, carers and teachers living or working with SEN it is a really good practice to get into.


We can also get frayed, frustrated and yes, traumatised too.



Parents of autistic children often have what’s called secondary PTSD as a result of having to watch their children be misunderstood, not supported in the right way and the continual fight to achieve every small step for their child.



So do this easy pose together and release all these DELICIOUS happy and coping chemicals. It will go you the world of good.


And it feels simply gorgeous too !



Take care,


See you next week,


Giuliana Wheater BA Hons MCMA










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