Anna talks to Moon Sade on ‘All Things Autism’ – Women’s Radio Station


Moon Sade is an extraordinary Autism Success Mentor whose transformative journey
began with her own autistic children, more than 25 years ago. This experience informed
her work as an Autism Parenting Coach, guiding overwhelmed parents through the
intricacies of raising children on the spectrum. However, Moon’s story has evolved, and
her focus has honed in on a crucial age group: 17-25-year-old young autistic adults, as
she passionately champions their journey into adulthood.


With over 25 years of personal experience parenting her own autistic children, Moon’s
expertise is deeply rooted in the day-to-day realities of life for families on the spectrum.
Her commitment to understanding the unique needs of each individual is unwavering,
stemming from the challenges she has faced raising her own autistic children, one of
whom has transitioned into early adulthood.


Moon’s professional arsenal includes certifications as a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and
Time Line Therapy Practitioner, along with being a qualified High School Teacher and
Certified in Understanding Autism. This unique blend of skills positions her as an Autism
Success Mentor with a profound understanding of the specific challenges faced by young
autistic adults in the crucial age range of 17-25.


Her in-school experience is not just a professional credential; it’s a strength that sets her
apart. Moon recognises the critical transition period these young adults face, and her
background enables her to bridge the gap between the academic environment and the
demands of adulthood seamlessly. Her coaching goes beyond the generic, offering a
tailored approach that speaks directly to the unique aspirations and challenges of each


Currently co-authoring two separate books set to be published before the summer, Moon
is also seeking co-authors for her collaborative book about life within the reality of autism.
Passionate about aiding young adult autistics and sharing her voice, Moon recently
appeared on the show of neurodiversity campaigner Anna Kennedy on Women’s Radio.
During the hour-long discussion, they covered various topics related to autism, Moon’s
journey, her work, and more.


Moon’s journey from an Autism Parenting Coach to an Autism Success Mentor is a
testament to her adaptability, compassion, and dedication to making a lasting impact. Her
coaching philosophy is underpinned by the belief that fostering trust is paramount. Moon’s
knowledge, experience, and awareness converge to create a supportive environment
where progress and forward momentum are not just encouraged but inevitable.


In Moon Sade, you find more than a mentor; you discover a guide who has walked the
path, understands the intricacies, and empowers young autistic adults to thrive. Working
with Moon is an invitation to embark on a personalised journey of growth, self-discovery,
and independence.…

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