Anna’s guests at Women’s Radio Station were Kellie Barker and Corinne Bryan


My name is Kellie Barker, I’m 45, I live in Kent and I have three children 21, 15, and 9.

My youngest son has a complex diagnosis of Autism & SEND, I grew up in a house that fostered with my birth family and many children coming and going throughout my childhood. My Parents are and were great advocates for all children and as a young carer myself, I have taken this engrained belief from my early years into adulthood, I have one birth sibling Daniel, he too is a fierce advocate and works globally advocating for children.

Who would know that our own birth children would develop such skills as young carers years later, they definitely all have advocating in their blood – it is natural to them .

I love a bargain and a good rummage round the shops when I get time. My latest addiction is Vinted, the online recycled clothes app, and have vowed to buy less new things this year and start recycling what we have, to reduce waste, I’ve also started to drive an electric car.

I love mint aero chocolate and ALL puddings.



I’m Corinne and we are a family who are neurodivergent. My sons are autistic and we often have many food struggles, due to sensory processing. I’ve always found that beige, repetitive foods(like chicken nuggets, chips, smiley faces, toast) are a firm favourite. I spent much of their early years worrying about their diet variety and not eating as much as other children do but in time I’ve come to accept and understand that as long as their eating something it’s better than nothing at all.

This is why I’m really passionate about safe foods being always accessible at all times.

This range with Born anxious is something I’m really excited about- to have clothing designs that represent the safe food our children eat in a fun way is amazing!

Can’t Eat Won’t Eat – Collection

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