AKO Ambassador Aston Avery on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway


The Avery family were treated to a special surprise after being invited to attend the audience of Ant and Decs Saturday night takeaway.


Dawn Avery writes:

Still pinching ourselves for the amazing weekend we have all just had.  So, on Saturday 24th Feb we were lucky to have been invited to what we believed to be as part of the audience for Ant and Decs Saturday night takeaway!  From the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcomed and treated with the upmost respect.  The entire process was efficient, and we now know planned.  We were the second row in and excited to see all the usual fun antics that the guys put out.  Aston was already blessed as he had managed to meet up with Jordan North pre-show and got a photo and had a chat about community radio.  So only a short way into proceedings it was time for the happiest minute of the week and the takeaway giveaway.


The boys introduced Simon Cowell and we were excited to see who was going to be selected from around the UK.  Suddenly Ant halts proceedings to tell us how the entire audience had been hand selected and that they knew all there was to know about every single one of us.  We were all then amazed to be told that we were all to be the recipients of the holiday.  We were each gifted a week’s all-inclusive holiday with an excursion!!!


As some may know our family are having our own little battle at present with Keith undergoing radiotherapy, we have spent the last three weeks visiting the hospital for daily treatment, so Saturday was a welcomed break from this alone.  To then have this revealed was beyond surprising. The look on all the faces surrounding us coupled with Keiths tears, Astons smile, if I could bottle that up I so would.  After the show Ant, Dec and the production team personally congratulated us all for being the special people we all are, so humbling.


To top it all we had a text when we were allowed to put our phones form our Aaron telling us that our granddaughter Callie had seen nanny grandad and uncle Aston on her tv which added to the pleasure.  Unbeknown to us a very good friend and fellow fundraiser Christopher Cooper had nominated us some time back and he knew we were to be on the show.  We cannot thank him enough.


It wasn’t until we started to add up the funds raised over the years we realised we were close to £90k.  Obviously, some going to our beloved annakennedyonline for the amazing work they do!  An unforgettable experience was had by all !


To top this off Aston was then selected as fundraising winner of the year at the Basildon borough volunteer awards.  This last few days have been surreal but we have to also remember that there are many more people out there doing just as much for their community, so well done to all xx


Here’s what Aston had to say about his amazing experience:

What a surreal and humbling week it has been, this past weekend my parents and I thought we were going to just be in the audience for Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway only then to find out (on the night) that we were given a ‘Takeaway Getaway’ which we were put forward by a good friend of ours.

Then on Tuesday 27th February I was then honoured to be the recipient of an award at the Basildon Volunteer Awards 2024 for Fundraising Champion. It’s giving back that counts for me and to be on the recieving end this time round is something I feel happy, but I’m happy to give back to others as it’s better to give than to recieve. My name is Aston Avery, I am Autistic and I am Proud!


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