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Women and autism is definitely now a thing . This is due to the many autistic women, girls, mums and siblings who fight daily for autism acceptance and for all neurodiverse individuals.

Have a great IWD 💜


Anna Kennedy OBE



“I’m backing Anna Kennedy Online’s mission of inspiring inclusion because I firmly believe that everyone, especially those in the autism and disability community, deserves to have their voices heard. AKO actively promotes inclusivity through various impactful programs such as “Autism’s Got Talent,” “Wear it 4 Autism,” “Give Us A Break” Anti-Bullying Campaign, “The Autism Hero Awards,” and the “AKO Autism Expo”, among others. These initiatives exemplify the essence of inspiring inclusion. I am proud to be AKO’s Overseas Ambassador.”


Dani Bowman



Hi I’m Daisy. I am supporting inspiration inclusion. There are many amazing great women out there who have done something that they feel proud of and that they have done something successful. As an ambassador I am supporting the cause. You can too. Women can do many things. So can you!. Don’t stop believing in yourself 💜💜💜


Daisy Hutchinson




As a parent of two sons , one with various health conditions and autism I had always made it my task to not treat them differently ! I wanted both sons to succeed in life and to fit into anything they put their minds to.
When I look at the goals they have reached I was right ! Inclusion is to give everyone regardless of race faith health or sexuality the opportunity to be who they are!


Dawn Avery



I recognise and understand the importance of inspiring inclusion and making a difference for children xx


Taylor Robins



inspiring inclusion for international women’s day supporting AKO

‘Inspiring others through inclusion in all areas of life for me is about , seeing people for who they are celebrating them and opening doors for them , there’s enough light to shine on everyone and hand in hand we hold each other up ‘

There is so many inspiring women who power me daily from all walks of life ,that are all Stitches in the large tapestry that will be my life , truly grateful for them all .

Powered by kindness always


Kellie Barker – born anxious



“We will only know that inclusivity has really become embedded in our world when the term becomes obsolete.”


Giuliana Wheater



Happy International Women’s Day from AKO 💜

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