Charlie Conway – How I feel about being a Young Ambassador


I am honoured to be an ambassador for Anna’s charity, as a person with Autism I believe Anna’s work is astonishing. I am very keen on promoting awareness and helping Autistic individuals with similar struggles to myself. I know what it feels like to struggle with Autism, since I have it.


I first met Anna in 2022 at Autism’s got talent. I have since proudly represented the charity by singing for Anna at various venues such as Daisy Chain’s Charity ball at Wynyard Hall, Stockton on Tees. I have also performed at the mermaid in London in Autisms got talent 2022 and in Stockton on Tees in Autisms Got Talent Roadshow.
Thank you so much Anna for giving me these opportunities. I wanted to thank Anna by doing something for her charity, which is why I wrote and produced my debut single “Pressure“. The single is being released on the 28th March 2024, all royalties go to Anna’s charity.


“Pressure” by Charlie Conway is available for purchase now on all streaming platforms



Why I wrote “Pressure” for Anna Kennedy

I wrote “Pressure” because I was feeling down. Music is my safe place, and it helps me feel better about myself. Pressure is about my struggles at my previous school and the emotions I felt during the hard times.


At the time of writing and producing “Pressure” I had been out of school for a year after suffering a mental breakdown at school, I decided to write my song “Pressure“, as I struggled to express my true emotions. The lyrics to the song are very emotional and heartfelt and I feel like young autistic individuals will be able to relate to the song.


My aim is to spread awareness about mental health and to get young people talking about how they feel.

By Charlie Conway

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