Autism show – March 2024

Autism show – March 2024

Ahead of Autism Acceptance Month regular contributor Anna Kennedy OBE joined Aston to chat All Things Autism in Essex where they spoke to amazing guests and spoke the latest news from the charity Anna Kennedy Online.


The first of Aston and Anna’s guests was Kellie Barker and Paul & Michael Atwel-Brice as they spoke about Autism Allotments.

The second of Aston and Anna’s guests was online content creator Andi.

The third of Aston and Anna’s guests was Autism’s Got Talent performer Charlie Conway and his mum Kate.

Anna had this to say after the show:

“Another busy and exciting ‘All things Autism in Essex ‘ on Gateway with Aston and I.

March incorporates Neurodiversity Celebration Week which is this week. Siena Castellon MBE founder of this campaign and one of our charity Ambassadors received an MBE for her Neurodiversity Advocacy! I remember Siena sharing her idea with me when it was just a seed. Siena is an amazing and talented individual.

‘Together, we’ll embrace & celebrate neurodiversity in all aspects of life.‘

For further information and resources

Our first guests this week were Kellie Barker, Micheal and Paul Atwell Brice. Paul and Michael Atwal-Brice want to turn a disused allotment in Barnsley into an area for children with conditions like autism and epilepsy to enjoy.


Welcome to Autism Allotments Barnsley a voluntary community group here to offer a place for autistic individuals their parents carers and family members a safe place to grow fresh fruit vegetables plants and flowers to sell , learning vital life and workplace skills in a safe relaxed environment. Kellie is supporting this wonderful project and I am honoured to be a Patron and cannot wait to be at the launch in July.

Autism Allotments mission is to bring autistic individuals and their family a safe haven to be outdoors relax and enjoy everything that allotments bring , whilst growing cooking selling and eating the fruits of their labour.


Our second guest was Andi  where we announced he was one of our new charity champions for LGBTQ+ and Adoption . Andi runs an Instagram page @dadda_n_daddy page, Andi and his husband Darren are parents to two children by adoption.  Their children are ages 6 and 3.

Prior to becoming a parent, Andi has previously worked in schools and for the local authority.  Andi has a background of working within Children’s Services and Safeguarding.

Since becoming a parent, Andi has become heavily involved in advocating for the  Adoption and SEN communities.  He also provides peer support for LGBT+ and SEN parents & families.

Andi is a regular on the BBC Tiny Happy People channel and has also worked with organisations and charities including; Amnesty International, Unicef UK, Best Beginnings, Ready Eddie Go!, The Modern Family Show, Mobiquip, Toy Mania and many more.


Our final guest was Katie and Charie Conway . We played Charlie’s first single  “Pressure” . Charlie wrote ‘Pressure’ because he was feeling down. Music is his safe place, and it helps him feel better about himself. Pressure is about his struggles at his previous school and the emotions he felt during the hard times.

At the time of writing and producing “Pressure” Charlie had been out of school for a year after suffering a mental breakdown at school, He decided to write a song “Pressure”, as he struggled to express his true emotions. The lyrics to the song are very emotional and heartfelt and he feels like young autistic individuals will be able to relate to the song.

Charlies aim is to spread awareness about mental health and to get young people talking about how they feel.

We made another exciting announcement that Charlie is now one of our young charity Patron’s. He is a fantastic role model.


The charity is now preparing for Autism Acceptance Month. Please checkout our latest news on

Have a lovely Easter everyone and Aston and I will chatting ‘All things Autism in Essex ‘ in April.

Bye sending positive vibes.


Anna xx”

All Things Autism in Essex will return soon.

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