Dating and Autism Acceptance – Dani Bowman



Dani Bowman has been one of our Charity Overseas Ambassadors for a few years now and she supports many of our charity campaigns. Dani is an animator and founder of Danimation Entertainment, a company that teaches animation to youth on the autism spectrum. Dani is one of the stars of the U.S. version of “Love on the Spectrum,” a Netflix reality dating show about autistic people who are looking for love.

The show was in the Netflix Top 10 for two weeks following its May 18, 2022 premiere and introduced tens of millions of viewers to Dani and her ambition to change society’s perceptions about what people on the spectrum can accomplish. We are all very proud of Dani at Anna Kennedy Online and I asked Dani could she please create a short video with her tips on dating for Autism Acceptance Week.


Thank you Dani 💜

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