Andi from Dadda N Daddy on Mobi Quip Special Needs Buggies

Like many SEN children, Lucy often struggles in busy and unfamiliar environments.

Previously, to keep Lucy feeling grounded and secure we have used a standard pushchair (when her younger brother isn’t using it!).  However, as Lucy gets older, bigger and taller these are no longer fit for purpose.  Therefore, we have been on the lookout for a special-needs buggy.


Special Needs Buggies go over and above the weight limits of a standard stroller and are made specifically in mind for those with additional needs.


We have looked high and low but we have found the perfect one with Mobi Quip. Lucy was so excited when we told her that we had found her a new chair that she actually cuddled the box  when it arrived!


Mobi Quip are a very customer focused, inclusive brand with fantastic products. They are also very competitively priced with exceptional quality.


This chair for Lucy (and us!) has been a game changer. Lucy has used it on days out and even trips to the supermarket. I really cannot recommend this enough.


Lucy feels comfortable, safe and regulated in this chair, what more could we ask for!


The lovely guys at Mobi Quip have sent us an exclusive discount code for us to share.


Please enter ‘daddandaddy10’ at the checkout.




Dadda N Daddy

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