Our Anna Kennedy Online charity Ambassadors Tess and Kratu meet his Majesty the King.

‘Dressed to the nines in a morning suit and top hat, His Majesty walked down the red carpet-lined stairs to guests waiting in the garden.


Among the guests was a four-legged VIP – Kratu, a rescue dog from Transylvania. The Carpathian-Mioritic mix is something of a celebrity after causing havoc at Crufts during the agility tests but also has a serious day job as an Autism support dog for his owner, Tess Eagle Swan.


She rescued him when he was just weeks old and brought him to the UK.And she says he has transformed her life and ‘taught me love’ as a therapy dog. Kratu gently sniffed the sovereign’s hand and the king stroked him.


Tess said afterwards that His Majesty – who has a number of homes in Transylvania and visits the region regularly – that he told her that he knew the breed, which is normally used for guarding. ‘He was taken with how gentle he was, she said. ‘