Since starting our Anti Bullying Campaign on 31 Oct and continuing for the whole month of November the response so far has been Amazing!

Support and videos from Amir Khan World Champion Boxer, UB40, Mark E Wright Apprentice Winner, Sandi from Gogglebox, Kimberley Wyatt Pussy cat Dolls, Carrie Grant presenter and Vocal Coach , JP Rock Big Brovaz and others in pipeline plus photos from families and individuals affected by autism and supporters from all over the country .One of my posts on twitter over 42k views . National Autism Awareness week starts on Monday and our campaign is building .

Our young Charity Patron Ryan Wiggins who recently received The Diana Award and British Citizen Award has created our first youtubelink for the month

For the last few years during National Anti Bullying Week, Anna Kennedy OBE and Austin Hughes from UK Autism Charity AnnaKennedyOnline have campaigned alongside NSPCC and the Anti Bullying Alliance.
Last year our young Charity Patron Ryan Wiggins created a powerful video called ‘Tomorrow’ which was shared across National Newspapers online and went viral on Youtube with almost 400 000 views. Since then, Ryan and our Charity Ambassador Aston Avery have been given the Diana Award and are spreading the word to stop bullying!
AnnaKennedyOnline once again calls on all schools and colleges to be particularly aware of the bullying that children and individuals on the Autism spectrum experience at break times and to provide positive activities that keep them safe.

For children and young people with autism, break and lunch times in schools and colleges can be particularly daunting and can put them at risk of bullying. AnnaKennedyOnline, the UK Charity, is to continue raising awareness, and training on autism, to prevent bullying of children with autism in our schools and colleges with our campaign ‘Give us a Break!’
Too often these children are seen as the problem; as not ‘fitting in’ or ‘not settling down’. We want to see all schools take decisive action to create environments and cultures where all children feel safe and supported without the fear of bullying at schools, cyber bullying, and within the community.
AnnaKennedyOnline is working hard to raise awareness during Anti Bullying month and continuing with our ‘Give us a Break!’ campaign ….. To be continued ……

Anna Kennedy OBE