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Anti-bullying Week 2017 is being held between the 13th and 17th November 2017, research shows that more than half of people under the age of 25 will, at some point, experience bullying. Bullying is a huge problem and continues affect millions in the UK. This year Anna Kennedy Online continue their ‘Give Us A Break’ campaign and raise awareness, also to encourage people to speak up about bullying. A new study finds that children with autism spectrum disorders are bullied far more often than their typically developing peers, which is nearly five times as often – but parents feel that the rate is even higher than that.

Autism Ambassador Anna Kennedy OBE stated “Bullying can make any child’s life unbearable and families contact our charity sharing their children are being bullied in schools because of their autism, also within the community and increasingly online”. Parents report that when their child is being bullied and is reported the case is either ignored or badly handled and nearly all parents believe their child’s progress is seriously affected. A lot of the bullying at school takes place in the playground, a place where it is not supervised as well as the classroom. The playground is a place where social interaction takes places and because of their autism some children find this difficult and become a target.

There have been some horrific cases in the media and we as a Charity continue to campaign to raise awareness with this growing concern exacerbated further by mate crime, cyber bullying, which has led to some tragic outcomes.

Anna Kennedy Online has launched this single by Macauley Elvin called ‘Hollow’ for 99p will be available on Monday.

We would like to thank ‘Blue’ for supporting Macauley Elvin with this anti-bullying single ‘Hollow’ and hope we can help families affected. All funds from this song will go to Anna Kennedy Online a charity close to Macauley and his families heart.


Anna Kennedy OBE Founder of Autism’s got Talent shares ‘It is simply unacceptable for any childhood to be spoilt by victimisation or bullying and we as a charity support taking a zero-tolerance approach towards all forms of bullying. Each day can be a battle for these children and their families, their own fight is simply for support.’

If you would like to spread the word of our Give Us A Break campaign please download our promotional posters below, print off and please take a photograph of yourself and email it to us, so we can share your support. Please share and let us make a change – together we are stronger!

posterdark               white poster

About Macauley Elvin

Macauley Elvin now 20 years old has experienced all of the above and turned to music to help him get through his ordeal. Macauley was one of the charities Autism’s got Talent performers where for the last 7 years’ children and adults from across the UK and overseas have showcased their talent on stage in Central London, North East, Essex and next year in Liverpool. Many performers of which were bullied and like Macauley turned to the performing arts to help them get through their ordeal.

Macauley’s singing has led to him and his family to meet lots of people and make new friends. He now enjoys performing and supporting charity events. Macauley has written a song with his mum called ‘Hollow and has been working alongside Anna Kennedy OBE a leading autism Campaigner ‘ to help her Autism Charity to raise further awareness ‘Give us a Break’ Anti Bullying campaign. Charthouse Music have supported Macauley with the music and the video production.

‘Hollow’ starts with the line ‘It use to be about trying to make you proud’ as in his hometown as people didn’t believe in him. The following line ‘I’m gonna stand up and sing my songs out loud’ is Macauley now doesn’t care what the haters think, he sings because it makes him feel better and helps him cope with his anxiety and Aspergers.

During Macauley’s early years, his Mum Michelle was diagnosed with ME and Epilepsy and was very unwell. Whilst at nursery they noticed problems Macauley’s with his speech and language and was referred to another specialist. By age 4 he was diagnosed with Aspergers, Dyspraxia, Semantic ,Pragmatic Disorder and severe Asthma. Macauley found his infant school years really difficult since other pupils in school used to run up to him and touch him then run off saying they had ‘caught’ special needs!

In Year 9 Macauley was moved to another group however, sadly he didn’t enjoy it as much as he hoped because there were pupils in his class who disrupted class, bullied others and caused many problems for the teachers which made him feel anxious.

Macauley then went on too Suffolk New College to a specialised course for ‘statement pupils’ which was great. He passed his maths and English and achieved many certificates and passes in cookery, art, personal health and wellbeing, independent living etc. His 2nd college year was Level 1 Performing Arts which he loved and excelled in singing and performing. He played a lead role of ‘Riff Raff’ in Rocky Horror Show. Unfortunately, the written work got harder and he struggled with it all.

However, after writing 5 original songs and recording in a studio he decided to pursue the Music Technology side of iof his course. He is currently working in the studio and starting to pick up instruments to experiment with at college.