Hi   I’m Daniel and my school is Woodlea

I’ve been going there ever since Year 3

I like my school as it’s a really great place

One thing that ruins it – bullies – a disgrace

They follow me round, always in my face

Shouting and jeering, they like to chase

I don’t know why they pick on me

I wish they’d go away and let me be.


I’m in the playground, talking with a friend

Here come the bullies, will this torture never end?

“Hey Loser” they cry

“Hey Jerk” they call

One grabs my collar, tries to make me fall

They all crowd round, laughing at me

Go away! Go away! Why does no-one see?


They go home at night all tucked up in bed

But I’m the one left crying, wishing I was dead

Each morning I wake, ready to face another day

Of black coated darkness, or hell, you might say

They think they’re kings, better than me

But I just don’t see it, honestly

My friends have gone, too afraid to stay

They’ve chosen their side, now with the bullies they play


So no-one listens, no-one hears

Only my family know my fears

I pray to God to help me find my way

To help me through another painful day


If it wasn’t for the bullies, I would love my school

The people are ace, my teacher is cool

She tries to help and encourage me, especially with my literacy

If it wasn’t for the bullies, I would be free

To be at school happily

But one thought lately, in my head goes POP!

If I was dead, the bullies would stop.