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Anna attends “All Parliamentary Group” about Autism

Today on 14th January 2020, I was invited to the All Parliamentary Group on Autism.

Anna shared: My question on Autism, employment and redundancies during the pandemic was chosen as one of the questions to ask the Minister for Social Care Helen Whately MP. 

My research Resource was from my husband, his business partner and many of their colleagues in the legal profession.

These concerns have also been shared to our charity and messages across social media.

One of the unwelcome effects of the pandemic is an increase in redundancies. As we know whether you have a disability or not jobs are hard to come by in these uncertain times.

It is very unfortunate but autistic individuals and other disabled people often seem to be at the front of the queue where redundancies are being made. This is despite the requirements to make reasonable adjustments to any selection process.

There is a good framework within the Equality Act 2010 however, more often this is not being implemented.

What can be done to redress this unfavourable imbalance?

The Meeting was Chaired by Dame Cheryl Gillan MP.

Minutes from the meeting and answers given to five questions that were asked will be shared on the APPGA website soon.

Anna Kennedy OBE 


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Legal NewsAnna attends “All Parliamentary Group” about Autism