IARA 2016: Check Out The Winners and The Closing Remarks of Founder Helen Bola Imuaphe

The 2016 edition of the International Achievement Recognition Awards (IARA) was held on September 17 in Central London and it was a huge success. The founder of IARA (Mrs. Helen Bola Imuaphe) gave wonderful closing remarks and the list of winners are listed below.
Closing Remarks By Mrs. Helen Bola Imuaphe.

We thank you all for taking time out of your schedule to join us in celebrating and recognizing those who have chosen to excel in their respective fields and risen above all odds to inspire and influence their community positively.
An event becomes a success only if participants attend. Thus, we express our sincere thanks to all of you who have come from all over the world to celebrate with us at IARA.
We would like to congratulate all the awardees as well. It was absolutely deserved. You are the ones who have taken small steps that have translated giant strides – steps into unfamiliar, often risky and precarious, yet soldering on in your business, enterprises, careers, and public/ charity works.
Whether you are a nominee or recipient, you are all winners, and IARA salutes you mightily.
I remind you once again of these powerful words spoken in Merry Mayflower book:
“We can become whatever we choose to be, no King, Lord, or knaves can say us nay. For we believe that man is a potential doctor, or lawyer or crook or dwarf or giant – whichever he sets his mind to be”
Our awardees have set out to be giants, and today they are being bountifully rewarded and celebrated.
Please continue to reach for the sky in your respective endeavors, and do not forget to send the ladder back down and offer a helping hand to those coming after you.
This year’s event is now finished, but IARA’s work is by no means over. We will continue to work tirelessly in celebrating those successes, diversity, equal opportunities within our community.
Don’t forget to be the best you can ever be.

1. Joshua Robert
Young Entertainer 2016
2. Moelego
Best UK Afrobeat Artist 2016
3. Anna Kennedy
Best Humanitarian Award 2016
4. Racquel Smith
Best Fashion Model 2016
5. Joshua Kane
Best Fashion Designer 2016
6. Sarah Jagger
Best Makeup Artist 2016
7. Mojisola Adeyemo Spot On Party Decor
Best Event Decorator 2016
8. John Byrne
Best Contribution to Arts & Diversity 2016
9. Atiha Sen Gupta
Best Playwright 2016
10. Isha Johansen
Best Contribution to Sports 2016
11. Jermain Jackman
Inspirational Music Artist of the Year 2016
12. Khali Best
Youngest Achievement Award in Film & Television 2016
13. Bmystireo
Best Emerging African Artist
14. Carmel Britto
Outstanding Contribution To Youth Development
15. The Buzz
Best African/Caribbean UK – TV Show 2016
16. The British Blacklist
Best Arts & Entertainment Magazine 201
17. Monologue Slam UK
Best Divers Creative Platform 2016
18. Omar Okai
Best Choreographer 2016
19. Anabel Kutay
Best Emerging Actress 2016
20. Miles Mitchell
Best Emerging Actor 2016
21. TriForce Short Film Festival
Best Film Festival 2016
22. Sandi and Sandra – Gogglebox
Best UK Reality TV Stars 2016
23. Layton Williams
Best Dance Performance 2016
24. Chizzy Akudolu
Best Actress Holby City 2016
25. Charles Venn
Best Actor TV/Drama 2016
26. Paapa Essiedu
Best Stage Performance 2016
27. Keith Golub
Best Film Producer 2016
28. Javone Prince
Best Comedy Act 2016
29. Abigail Blackmore
Best Short Film Director 2016
30. Michael Damian
Best Film Director 2016
31. BBC Holby City
Best TV Soap 2016
32. Tanya Moodie
Best Actress 2016
33. Clint Dyer
Best Actor 2016

Congratulations to all the winners!