Good morning,

I have received advice and support from Austin Hughes in reference to my sons special needs education.

Firstly I contacted a Northampton Facebook support page and a lovely lady past my details to Austin who contacted me very quickly.

He not only gave me very useful advice and was very knowledgable and experienced in how the local authority worked and the law but he totally understood my concerns and totally understood what impact it would have on my son and our family if the local authority stuck with their decision.

I am very used to having to explain My sons history and condition over and over so to meet somebody who just understood was a relief.

Austin kept me calm through the process as I was panicking that the authority wasn’t understanding our concerns. I never felt like I was being a pain emailing and asking questions. And Austin always replied very quickly and kept contact and knew exactly what stage we was at.

His knowledge and support was fantastic and I truly feel without this we would not of only got the result we wanted but also I would be a totally stressed wreck by now.

I am very grateful for all the support we have received.

Yours sincerely,

Catrina Lauder