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Austin Hughes

Senior Practitioner

Remember Remember the 5th of November..

Bonfire night and the time around the 5th of November is one of those periods of time when we have to stop and think about what is happening. Many people aren’t too keen on the bangs and flashes that erupt without warning but they have an understanding of what is...

Holidays are here!

Once again holidays are upon us. A time for rest, recuperation and fun with a touch of sun burn thrown in for good measure. So, why is it that for so many facing the challenges that Autism has to bring this can be a very difficult time? We’ve all heard ‘Education...

Deck the Halls with what ?? ..

By Austin Hughes Yes that time of year is here again! Lights are ready to twinkle, garlands are there to be hung and every kind of tinsel you can imagine is calling out from hooks in shops begging to be taken home and draped over every available surface. Festivity and...

Another fantastic review for Austin

  Good morning, I have received advice and support from Austin Hughes in reference to my sons special needs education. Firstly I contacted a Northampton Facebook support page and a lovely lady past my details to Austin who contacted me very quickly. He not only gave...

Anna Kennedy Online is like an iceberg……under the surface it is ALL going on!

If we achieve something, we let you know! If we come across something we don’t like such as an attitude within a service or professional setting then again we let you know. People want to see the BIG positive stories and also want to know when something needs our attention. Those stories and articles such as Anna winning an Award or Austin pointing out a failing that has been spotted catch peoples eye and as word is spread so awareness is raised.

Anna Kennedy Online is like an iceberg……under the surface it is ALL going on!

With the AMAZING support that we have received from people such as ‘West Ham United’ we are able to offer our very own Helpline. This helpline is there for ALL to access and if you ask us to call you back it is FREE! we endeavour to answer all autism related questions and offer support via it. Sometimes it can just be a case of a parent/family wanting a question answering or even just looking for some comfort and reassurance at a tough time (we have ALL had them). Other times the service becomes more than this and the full weight of our Behavioural Support and Legal advice swings into action.

School Holidays are here!

We’ve all heard ‘Education Education Education’ and ‘Location Location Location’ but now it’s time for ‘Structure Structure Structure!’. Structure and routine are often serious issues for those on the Spectrum. Even to those without the almost obsessive need to know ‘what, where, when’ there is often an underlying need for structure. We may not always see it as some do but it is there.

Autism Diagnosis Delay Issues.

It is not acceptable for any child, adult or family to have to wait the time that some currently are for diagnosis. Together we CAN begin to make a difference. No one else is going to speak up for us so it is time for us to take up the cause ourselves. We do not need ‘officials’ to ask other ‘officials’ what the REAL situation is when we can show them first hand from our own personal experiences what is happening.

2014 here we come!

We LOVE all our events at AKO and they are often more hard work behind the scenes than people realise. Importantly though is the fact that behind it all is our constant striving to forge that pathway to awareness for all to follow.

All those people we have helped and those we have maybe taught something who are now passing that same gift of awareness on to others are the REAL things we celebrate from 2013.

Why do some services NOT do what they say on the tin ??

It is also sad to say I have heard this from a couple of schools as well. These schools have DSP units and yet someone is being sent away for being ‘complex’ or too hard to work with. Again I can’t help but think to myself ‘so why did you take that person in the first place’ and ‘did you really think this would be easy??’

We strutted, posed and wore it for Autism!

Nerves? you don’t need nerves when you have the voice of Britain’s Got Talent’s Peter Dickson to herald in the start of the show and the amazing skills and talent of the Pineapple Performing Arts School dancers to really get things going with an opening performance that had everyone on the edge of their seats.