Who are the #UKCharityWeek Campaign Ambassadors?

Who are the #UKCharityWeek Campaign Ambassadors?

#UKCharityWeek’s Campaign Ambassadors play a pivotal role in supporting our campaign by promoting our work as widely as possible and encouraging more people to support #UKCharityWeek.

These fantastic people are committed to UK charities and to raising awareness of the various good causes up and down the country.

Anna has two sons, Patrick and Angelo; when they reached their school-age, she discovered that they were affected with autism spectrum disorders. After a frustrating time trying to find them suitable schools Anna went on to establish schools that now provide improved education and other facilities for individual children with autism spectrum disorders.

Anna who now leads her autism charity, AnnaKennedyOnline, was the first of the #UKCharityWeek Campaign Ambassadors to join up in an official capacity. She is a very active ambassador and supporter of #UKCharityWeek.

Source: https://www.charitytoday.co.uk/ambassadors/

Anna Kennedy Online are rooting for Anne Hegerty for raising Autism awareness on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Anna Kennedy Online are rooting for Anne Hegerty for raising Autism awareness on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Anna Kennedy Online are rooting for Anne Hegerty for raising Autism awareness and acceptance on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Anne discussed her autism diagnosis during the launch on Sunday evening, having previously opened up on the show and said: “When you’ve grown up always knowing that there’s something that seemed to be different about you from most people and not being able to understand until my mid-forties that what we were talking about here was autism, I’ve had to learn an awful let about myself and what I can and can’t do and what I can or can’t cope with. At the moment I’m quietly panicked.”

It is getting the public talking and we are supporting you 100%.

Strictly’s Robin Windsor to perform in his last ever production in London’s West End

Strictly’s Robin Windsor to perform in his last ever production in London’s West End

One of BBC Strictly Come Dancing’s favourite professionals Robin Windsor, is to perform in his last ever production in London’s West End.

Robin is hanging up his dancing shoes after a long and successful career, and he can’t wait to flaunt his artistry for you one last time!

All profits on the evening will be raising funds for ‘The Make A Difference Trust’

One of Robins Comic Reliefs Peoples Strictly Partner Autism Advocate Anna Kennedy OBE has been performing with Robin at various dates in his Farewell Tour and will also be joining him at Bishops Stortford tomorrow then at the Novello Theatre London on Sunday 25th. Both Anna and Robin received a perfect score of 40 the Elstree Studios for their Charleston. Anna shares ‘ It has been a once in a life time experience and I have rediscovered fun and my love of dance. I always focus on my charity work and raising autism awareness and acceptance through our UK Autism Charity AnnaKennedyonline and raising our 2 autistic sons. I had forgotton to do things just for me. I am sad to see Robin go however I am forever grateful that I shared this experience with him.’

Robin will be joined by special guests from throughout his career including; Alison Hammond, Deborah Meaden, Gaby RoslinChizzy AkudoluVincent SimoneKerry Ellis, La Voix, Ali Bastian (Strictly Come Dancing), Pasha Kovalev (Strictly Come Dancing), Anya Garnis(Strictly Come Dancing), Anna Kennedy (The People’s Strictly) , Rachel John(Hamilton), Harriette Mullen (Cilla), Lisa Marie Holmes (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert), Ricky Rojas (Moulin Rouge Broadway) and Rebecca Lisewski (Tango Moderno).Expect lots of amazing dance routines, fun, cheeky chat and plenty of sparkles in this incredible action packed extravaganza that reflects Robin’s energetic personality! He will take you on a journey through his most memorable performances of his dance career with his team of professional dancers and special guests…so get ready!!

Robin’s last ever show is not to be missed it will be filled with sequins fun and fabulous routines.

Tickets for this amazing show on Sunday are priced from £37.25 and are available from: https://www.madtrust.org.uk/events/robin-windsor-the-last-dance/

Source: https://london-tv.co.uk/strictlys-robin-windsor-to-perform-in-his-last-ever-production-in-londons-west-end/

Anna Kennedy OBE interviews the founders of ‘The Autism Plan’ in her radio slot

Anna Kennedy OBE interviews the founders of ‘The Autism Plan’ in her radio slot

Anna Kennedy OBE’s guests on her weekly ‘All Things Autism’ Women’s Radio Station are the founders of ‘The Autism Plan’

They recently started ‘The Autism Plan’ specifically for families, people and professionals living with autism and looking for accessible and relevant support, strategies, and education to help.

Anna Kennedy OBE a Leading Autism Advocate and Radio Host interviewed the ladies on her regular show.

One of the founder members Anna is an experienced Autism Consultant with a background in Speech and Language Therapy and autism and a history of managing the Autism Helpline at the National Autistic Society (NAS).

Nicola has a daughter who is autistic, so she has first hand experience of the very unique challenges and delights of living with autism. She has spent the last 15+ years in the legal sector running her own firm for 10 years, and supports entrepreneurial women in business as Regional Director of The Athena Network.

Deborah is a proud mother of two teenage boys with Asperger Syndrome and has dedicated the last 15 years of her life trying to change the world’s perceptions of autism. An author, campaigner, speaker, and parent representative on The All Party Parliamentary Group for Autism, Deborah received an MBE in recognition of her outstanding contribution to global autism awareness.

You can hear the interview on ‘Women’s Radio Station.’ www.womensradiostation.com soon.

The Arsenal FC sensory room opens its doors to Anna Kennedy OBE

The Arsenal FC sensory room opens its doors to Anna Kennedy OBE

A Leading Autism Advocate Anna Kennedy OBE was invited to see Arsenal’s viewing area at Emirates for autistic children, other disabilities and sensory challenges

Anna Kennedy shares it’s no joke when an autistic child or adult experiences a sensory overload, when they are hit with too much of whatever is causing this significant upset.

It’s at that moment the child or adult has just had too much. Anna knows only too well when her youngest son Angelo experiences sensory overload on a weekly basis and on a good day needs 5 to 10 minutes to take a step back, to compose and collect himself to help him get on with his day.

However, due to the magnitude of his sensory challenges, Angelo and some autistic children and adults find it really difficult to take that step back. Everything just becomes too much for them, often it happens so quickly and the trigger is not known and it just gets too much for them and they cannot process things any more.

Some autistic children or adults either shut down or they fixate on something, it could be anything, in order to try to find some order in an overwhelming chaos.

Football Matches are, historically overwhelming. I was pleased to see Arsenal have opened a viewing area with an adjoining sensory room for children with sensory issues and their families.

It’s an undecorated space (by design, to reduce distraction), with a big window onto the pitch so the game can be seen, and sounds of the game and crowd are there but are muted.

There’s a separate entrance so the families don’t have to navigate lines and a turnstile with thousands of other people, it has tactile boards for children to experience different textures so they can stay engaged while they watch (often, if autistic children or adults have something in their hands e.g a fidget toy it’s easier for them to focus on external things), and there are stools and football shaped soft beanbags for sitting, so the children can sit in a way that makes them the most comfortable.

Anna Kennedy OBE was given a tour by Luke Howard an informed passionate and caring Emirates employee who was clearly proud of the work he was doing. He had lots of ideas for future projects and is a credit to the Arsenal Community Dept.Arsenal should be proud of the work they’ve done in creating this space for autistic children and their families, with sensory issues. The Football Club have really demonstrated why they are part of the Premier League.

Next to the viewing room is the sensory room. This room has some sensory-assisting toys and games, various coloured soft lighting , including the most amazing feature – a fully interactive floor which children can play with that has different modes, like balloon popping or stepping on leaves or paddling on the Thames. Basically, the floor is a game area where children can play and do their own thing and take a break from the match if they want.

The best part of all of this facility  It’s free! To access this great facility just talk to the club and make arrangements, because Arsenal have recognised that there is no guarantee the child will enjoy the game and they don’t want to put parents in a position of having to part with £50 on their child hoping they will watch the game and enjoy the experience.

For more information: Follow Arsenal Disability team on Twitter @AFC_Disability or visit the disabled supporters Information page click here for details. the recommendations were endorsed and made by Anna Kennedy Online.