We are living in such a strange & fast-paced, ever-changing world that can be hard to keep up with sometimes.  So recently, I’ve been sharing quick & easy tools & techniques that you can use anywhere & at anytime. This week I’m sharing with you how to massage your ears.

It couldn’t be easier !

The ears contain all the reflex points to every single major body organ.

Why is this important ?

Because when we are stressed out or under flight, fight or freeze for prolonged periods, our cells actually begin to die. They do not rejuvenate or replace themselves, leading to our major body organs start to break down.

Stress is public enemy No 1 of the body & is the enemy that causes almost all illness or disease, both mentally & physically.

When we go into flight or fight the entire immune system shuts down which is why we start to feel run down. The cells also shut down & can’t receive any blood, oxygen or glucose.

So by gently “twiddling”, stretching & pulling the ears, we immediately release oxytocin & begin to ease our anxiety but we are also giving ourselves a major body workout .

So twiddle & gently stretch your ears when you feel overwhelmed, are getting brain fog or are just feeling exhausted.

You are doing yourself a world of good both inside and out !

Take care everyone,

Lots of love,

Giuliana xx




Womens Radio StationMay be an image of 3 people and text that says "Anna Kennedy's guest Katie Price BDRHN WHERE WOMEN REALLY TALK WOMEN'S RADIO STATION Join 'All Things Autism' Broadcast on Supporting women's well-being 16th January 2023 and mental health at 1pm. WOMENSRADIOSTATION.COM"
On Monday, Anna Kennedy OBE will be talking to Katie Price about her eldest son Harvey on Women’s Radio Station.
Harvey is one of the charities ‘Give us a Break! ‘  Antibullying Ambassadors and has been for the past three years.
Anna appeared on the BBC Documentary ‘Harvey and Me ‘ giving advice to Katie about her difficult decision to support Harvey with his transition to a residential college that could meet his complex needs.
Katie talks to Anna about Harvey growing up , going through his various diagnosis, his challenges , love for trains , frogs,  his love of art and his transition to college.
Harvey will be 21 this year and Anna asked Katie has she thought about Harvey’s future.
Katie shares that Harvey has a developmental delay and significant health issues which means that Harvey requires alot of support.

You can hear this interview on www.womensradiostation.com at 1pm and 1 am on Monday.

May be an image of 1 person, beard, standing, brick wall and indoorWhen Ben stepped foot into the Dragons’ Den, he had a lofty mission – to secure an investment from Touker and prove that his dream of creating a clothing empire is not only possible, but tangible. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Ben let the dragons in on his plan to change the clothing industry with his passion-driven business.

But what stunned them even more than his great pitch was something else entirely: Ben’s story. For Ben has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and despite facing challenges associated with autism and learning difficulties, has ventured down a journey to redefine the world of fashion through inclusion.

Ben vehemently believes that everyone can shine when given the opportunity – this belief drove him to work with Katie Price’s son Harvey, in making his dreams a reality! You won’t want to miss his extraordinary story and journey to success – get ready for the ride of your life as you join Ben on his mission to make fashion accessible for us all.

Read the full story here:



It’s a wonderful New Year for us all, and I hope that 2023 brings you all health, happiness and peace.

However, our world continues to be rather turbulent and ever-changing. This is difficult for neurotypical people to process, but for the neurodiverse, it can be beyond challenging at times.

This week I’m sharing with you 3 very simple facial massage techniques that you can share on a friends and family basis, incorporate into your massage if you are a therapist or you can self-administer these massage strokes. For those who are extremely touch-sensitive or even touch-averse, getting people to mirror you, putting them in charge of the touch and pressure, can significantly ease the fear or dislike of touch.

All 3 techniques can be done anywhere and at any time.

They are discreet, gentle but very impactful, releasing all those happy hormones and coping chemicals that we need for our daily D.O.S.E. to cope and function well.

( the neurotransmitters Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin & Endorphins)

So let’s go into 2023 with clarity and control, ready to face whatever the year holds, good and bad.

Hopefully far more of the latter for everyone.

Take care,

See you next week,

Lots of love , Giuliana xx



DCI Dion BrownDAC Connors Anna Kennedy OBE Sean Kennedy
DCI Dion Brown,
DAC Connors,
Anna Kennedy OBE,
Sean Kennedy

Being stopped and searched by a police officer can be a daunting experience for anyone, especially if you are autistic. That’s why the Metropolitan Police Service, in conjunction with Anna Kennedy Online, has released an Autism Stop and Search Guide to provide practical advice and guidance to both officers when conducting stop and searches on autistic people and for autistic members of the public who may be subject to a stop and search.

The guide provides information about what police officers can do to help any potential situation run more smoothly and effectively, including tips on how to interact during a stop and search conversation, as well as where best to stand and slowing down the pace of any conversation. Additionally, it explains the protocols involved with a stop and search, such as why it needs to take place, what happens after, and who will review the action taken by the police officer.

With this guide, our goal is that everyone feels safe and respected when engaging with the police. We want to ensure that all members of the public, particularly those on the autism spectrum, understand their rights, are kept informed throughout any interaction with the police, and feel comfortable engaging in conversations with them.


Met Police releases autism stop & search guide

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