All week BBC Breakfast have been highlighting difficulties families are facing with Special Needs Education and today they launched new findings report from the All Parliamentary Group on Autism.

All the facts in the report  and what has been highlighted on BBC Breakfast about SEND is nothing new for me and many other families. Parents have been struggling across the country and battling the SEN system since my sons were diagnosed with autism in 1994 hence why we had  to set up our own school in 1999 now one of the largest schools for children in the UK..

The BBC highlighting difficulties with #SEND parents is great and sparking conversation across the country however these children need action because early intervention is crucial ! It is a postcode lottery of where you live and how hard you are prepared to battle learning the system ,navigate your way through beaurocracy and jumping over every hurdle!! I speak to parents all the time and they are getting into debt paying thousands for SEND reports .

Anna said:  “I highlighted this very issue on BBC Breakfast a couple years ago in this interview and nothing really has changed. Our charity speak to parents everyday at all hours of the day who are really struggling and cannot see light at the end of the SEND tunnel. All we are asking for is acceptance for all those affected by Autism, give them a chance and you’ll see how much they can contribute to society. We couldn’t ask for a better platform to get our message across”

Please watch this video when I was on invited onto the famous BBC couch alongside Steve Silberman, the author of the groundbreaking book Neuotribes. 


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