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Yesterday one of Charity Autism Ambassadors was asked to review the show’ Dance to the Music’ at Towngate Theatre for Gateway Radio Station in Basildon. I arranged for Aston to meet the cast. Please see his review.

Yesterday one of our UK Autism Charity Ambassadors Aston Avery who is a huge fan of BBC Strictly was at the ‘Dance to the Music Tour’ with my Peoples Strictly dance partner Robin Windsor , Kristina Rihanoff and Chris Maloney who was one of the performers singing on the show.

Aston was kindly invited to meet the cast which was the cherry on top of the cake for Aston. Aston shares his thoughts :

The choreography by Kristina was absolutely amazing which included the lifts that Jonathan & Oksana showcased during the famous “Purple Rain” number.

The Rumba which Robin & Kristina performed was amazing to see how they kept eye contact with each other and how they kept the lines and and fabulous shaping from various positions as well as the holds was mesmerising.

What I  didn’t expect to see was Christopher Maloney showing off his dance moves since we are used to hearing him sing which was a massive thumbs up.

The costumes were to die for… Being a Strictly Come Dancing fan I normally would sometimes see standard materials used in the costumes, but the costumes in this show made huge sense in a way that it kept in format of the decades that they were performing which made the musicality very very strong throughout.

The musicality side of it all was brilliant in more ways than one. Each song and music numbers made very good sense to when it was fitted in each decade in question at the given points.

What was not expected was to see a bit of hip-hop routine from a huge talented cast of dancers. What was fabulous was music that people of all ages would grow up with and also take inspiration one which includes the amazing singers that have graced all of our generations and time as well.

The lighting and staging for each routines/numbers was absolutely spot on in setting where the dancers and singers should be a various points of the routines/numbers.

The second half of the show there was a lovely warm reaction from the audience and I felt I wanted to be part of the show since I am a huge Strictly Fan.

That just leaves me with one question would I want to see the show again???? My answer would be….. A categorical yes I would go and see the show again and I would also recommend it to everyone that likes dancing as well as music shared from the decades.

On a personal note I will be dancing again with my Strictly Partner Robin Windsor later on in the year more news to follow soon……..

Anna Kennedy OBE 


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