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In 2017 we reached out to a wide spread audience by offering a range of services, from legal advice, support and speaking to many public bodies such as schools, colleges, and companies (Great Western railways, Heathrow Airport and large blue-chip organisations to name a few) to raise Autism awareness and promote inclusion within their areas of expertise.

Here are some of our other key achievements this past year: –

Anna Kennedy Online collaborated with Pineapple Arts and offer sponsorship to children and adults on the spectrum, this has been life changing for many and spring boarded into greater opportunities.

We have provided training courses and guidance from our legal adviser Sean Kennedy and each session was full. Workshops ranged from SEN and EHCP to SEN and Social Care. The attendees left full of knowledge and key indicators to ensure their journey was forthright.

Our annual events such as Autism’s Got Talent, Expo and the Autism Hero Awards continue and use these dynamic approaches that tackles both Autism Awareness and celebrating achievements. By combining our work in the mainstream world and reaching out to all of society has enabled us to provide services to more people, support and direction through the existing systems and to reach out as much as we can.

Anna Kennedy Online also collaborate with other charities such as Daisy Chain and Autism Together for our Autism’s Got Talent Roadshows and have strong affiliations with Autism Support Crawley, Kilmarnock Horse Rescue where we work together on projects.

Our alliances within the media, such as BBC The A Word, The Chrissy B Show, Go Media Women’s Radio Station, BBC Tees, Northern Echo, London Post and Essex TV and Magazine gives us the opportunity to reach out to greater audiences and we will always continue and pursue opportunities to get the key messages publicised. We teamed with Towngate theatre to create a relaxed performance which is now an annual event. We also joined forces with Hillingdon dads and created a Santa grotto and donated gifts to over one hundred children.

Our core team of Charity Champions, Patrons and Ambassadors work closely together to create fundraising opportunities, from Fun days, Football matches, Zumbathons to Cake sales. If you would like to organise a fundraiser for us, please click here to contact us with your ideas and we will be in touch.

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All donations ensure that as a small charity we can continue our dynamic approach, our events costs are phenomenal, and all profits go straight back into the Charity.

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