We have some exciting news to share!!!!

I have been currently working with Maggie Paterson Principal of Pineapple Arts on providing Sponsorship for three lucky individuals on the autism spectrum who will attend the famous Pineapple Dance Studios Covent Garden for a term from 13 September 2016 to July 2017. The Scholarship will be for 3 hours every week on a Sunday which will consist of Dance , Drama and Singing .


Senior School



After deliberation Maggie has chosen 3 lucky winners  and they are….  drum roll …………

Callum Kirrage , Sophie Kent and Charlotte Fieldson whoop!!

Last years winners Aston Avery, Dylan Archer and Jack Courage have been awarded a second year scholarship. What a fantastic opportunity!!!
Congratulations and Good Luck to you all !!! I will look forward to seeing you on your first day September 11th and your progress when I attend a session at Pineapple Dance Studios later on in the year!

Anna Kennedy OBE