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First Steps

Anna Kennedy Online would like to introduce to you a new innovative, exciting, and unique opportunity called First Steps!!!

If you have an online business idea or have recently started an online small business, you could be eligible to apply to First Steps with an opportunity to win a start-up grant of £1000 along with mentoring support for one year.

Anna Kennedy OBE shared:


“I have had this project in mind for a little while now and I am so happy and excited its finally going to happen! I have spoken to many autistic individuals who would run their own online business if they were given the chance to discover something they would really like developing their skills around their interests.

This is a unique programme of professional support that aims to help anyone to turn their business ideas into a start-up or to further develop their start-up business.

I am so pleased that Ben Pearson, Kellie Barker, and Fredi Nwaka are supporting the charity with my idea, and we cannot wait to read all the entries. I am sure that it is going to be difficult to choose our winner and hope that the start-up grant will give our Autistic Entrepreneur the ‘First Step!’”

For anyone on the autistic spectrum wishing to take part in applying for ‘First Steps’ please click here to apply.

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