Autism's Got Talent - highlights

Highlights can be viewed on the following YouTube clips and some filmed by the BBC

Anna Kennedy Online created Autism’s Got Talent, which is a star studded spectacular event and showcases amazingly talented performances by adults and children with autism. The performers, which consist of singers, actors, musicians and dance troupes, fly the flag for autism every year since 2012 and show what people with Autism and Aspergers syndrome are capable of. Autism’s Got Talent is growing in popularity each year, and highlights can be seen below.

Autism’s Got Talent 2018 

Autism’s Got Talent took place on 12th May 2018 at the Mermaid Theatre in London, please take a look at our highlights below. Thank you to our official sponsors Options Autism and Green Board Games UK.

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Autism’s Got Talent 2018 : Video Diary

Please watch a short exploratory film about a few very talented individuals who seek to develop their passions as they find their space within the world.

Autism’s Got Talent, led by Anna Kennedy OBE, is an annual event, providing performers, writers, dancers, magicians (and more!) with the platform and social support to be their best creative and extraordinary selves.

This exceptional event shows how hard work and dedication can lead to promising opportunities with life long friendships and memories.

Previous years highlights

Autism’s Got Talent – 2017 

Autism’s Got Talent – 2016 

BBC Breakfast news 2016

Autism’s Got Talent 2016 at the weekend and BBC’s Nikki Fox went to meet some of the very talented performers and this was shown on BBC News – Nick Meek

BBC Oxford Autism’s Got Talent 2016

“You may have seen a video we released about Eddie and his support dog Harmony. He’s autistic and has performed at Autism’s Got Talent. We followed Eddie to London to see how he got on…”

Autism’s Got Talent – 2015

Autism’s Got Talent – 2014

  • West London Community College
  • Joseph Ferris
  • Alfie Anderson
  • Ryan Wiggins
  • Jordan Stratham & Oscar Bell
  • Pineapple Performing Arts School
  • Hillingdon Manor School  pupils
  • Jake Chodosh
  • Lucy Clapham
  • Alice Jordan
  • Radlett Lodge School
  • Matthew Scott
  • ‘Tap for Fun’ , Anna Kennedy and Michael French
  • Bernadetta Ticchi
  • Emma Lowry
  • Caitlin Churcher
  • Callum Abbiss
  •  Joshua Beckford