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Is That Clear? ‘Effective Communication in a Neurodiverse World’ by Zanne Gaynor, Kathryn Alevizos and Joe Butler

A book review by Beverly Guest our Charity Champion

For me a book is not just about what’s inside, I am drawn to the cover front and back, and I go from there. The first thing that struck me about this book was the handy size, great and easy to hold, and a quick flick of the pages showed me the easy-to-read font and colour coded sections.

I just loved it straight away. So, reader friendly, straight forward to follow and the information is brilliant! It is so useful for so many areas, aimed at allistic people, it is a powerful resource which gives amazingly clear concise advice on how to better understand those on the autism spectrum. With better understanding comes more inclusion, greater communication, and acceptance.

The book is not overwhelming, which is important, the chapters are short clear, and give useful tips and advice for the perspective of an allistic individual.

Great for use by teachers, those within educational settings, speech and occupational health therapists, and all specialists linked with autism. In fact, I also think within work settings, it would be handy to have to hand. Those amazing companies who are inclusive and have staff with autism, having this book to hand could help in many situations. from the recruitment, HR, employing and throughout staffs’ length of service, including appraisals and review times.

Parents of newly diagnosed children would also find this incredibly helpful, and even myself as a parent of a child with autism, ADHD and more, thirteen years on from their diagnosis I’ve found things in the book that have made me stop and think … serving to remind me that we never stop learning.

Each section has practical action items to remind you at the end, making it easy to refer to at any time. Amazing book. Life is busy for all, which means in short, this book could quickly help in so many ways.

Love it!!!! Brilliant!! Grab yourself a copy ASAP.

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Book ReviewsIs That Clear? ‘Effective Communication in a Neurodiverse World’ by Zanne Gaynor, Kathryn Alevizos and Joe Butler