Autism’s Got Talent Opens its doors once again for 2017!

If you have a relative, child or a friend who is on the autism spectrum and has a great talent that they could share with others then why not get in touch with us? Maybe you yourself are on the spectrum and have a dream to take to the stage.

Each year we look for a diverse mix of talents from across the spectrum and the country. It is not all about singing and dancing so if you think you can play an instrument and WOW people, perform magic etc then please DO get in touch with us. Don’t presume we won’t be interested in what you do!

All that we ask people to do who are interested in entering themselves or someone they know for ‘Autism’s Got Talent’ is to send us a little Vid/Youtube clip of that person performing with details of name , age, address,  diagnosis and a paragraph about yourself so that we can see them when making our decision.

The decision process is VERY difficult for us as we always have way too many to choose from and we do like to make it as diverse as possible. If you are not lucky enough to be chosen please do not take it as a negative. Chances are it will just mean we had too many people doing the same thing or from the same area. Believe me we would LOVE to have EVERYONE but the show would end up being a week long!

As a final note please do remember that ‘Autism’s Got Talent’ is NOT a competition but rather a CELEBRATION to showcase of just how talented those on the Autistic Spectrum really can be.

Please send all Vids/Youtube clips to

Entries will be accepted up until December 31st. The decision process will take place in January 2017.