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Emma Ahwai on Chrissy B Show

Emma Ahwai was born in August 1989, into a majorly musical family, and is very proud of her unique mixed heritage.She was diagnosed with Autism and Selective Mutism at the age of 24, which to her was a huge relief, but consequently meant that she did not...

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Autism and cultural issues

Alongside the daily challenges faced by a family affected by autism many families experience a great deal of stigmatisation and disapproval from the Asian community, who have often been quick to judge and form opinions based on misconceptions and ignorance...

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Anna Kennedy – Women’s Radio Station

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ie5fwMaXd4 Anna Kennedy has been offered a regular slot on Woman's radio station. So earlier this month was the first recording and it was about sharing experiences about everything Autism - this can be listened to at 55...

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