Anna Kennedy was invited as a guest speaker by TedX as their theme was ‘Breakthrough’ and this talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organised by a local community, please click here watch the video.

Anna has been on national TV a number of times and the interview footage can be seen below:

Autism Segment on BBC Breakfast
22 Sep 2015

Anna Kennedy and Ryan Wiggins on Sky News 11 May 2016

Anna Kennedy and Ryan Wiggins on ITV News
24 March 2018

Anna has a monthly news piece on Autism with Sky’s The Chrissy B Show the UK’s only TV show dedicated to mental health and well-being. Anna Kennedy always talks about her latest work with the Autism community brings along a guest. The Chrissy B Show airs on SKY 203 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10pm and each piece of footage can be seen below:

Charlotte Fieldson - 2nd October 2018

Anna’s guest on this month’s Chrissy B show was a special young lady called Charlotte who was diagnosed with atypical autism at 3 years old and doctors expected her to remain non-verbal. But at the age of 5, something amazing happened.

Charlotte’s mum Jayne also was a guest and the show ends with a fantastic performance of Charlotte singing.

Joely Colmer - 1st May 2018

Anna’s guest is Joely Colmer advocate, activist, author, mentor and role model.

This part starts just after 35 minutes in.

Angus Baskerville - 30th January 2018

Anna guest is magician Angus Baskerville who puts on a great magic trick and at the end of the show Chrissy gives some on how you can be more positive.

This part starts just after 15 minutes in.

Maggie Paterson and Callum Kirrage. 5th December 2017

Anna’s guest is director of the Pineapple Performing Arts School Maggie Paterson and an amazing dance performance by Callum Kirrage.

This part starts just after 15 minutes in.

Ryan Wiggins - 4th July 2017

Watch the first regular monthly piece on Autism,  featuring our Charity Patron Ryan Wiggins and Anna Kennedy on the Chrissy B Show.

This part starts just after 30 minutes in.

Calvin Glen - 28th August 2018

Anna’s guest is Calvin Billington-Glen who has Asperger’s syndrome and speaks about his personal experience and how he raises awareness.

He is also a very talented singer/songwriter and also performs on the show.

Emma Ahwai - 27th March 2018

Anna’s guest and Autism’s Got Talent participant, Emma Ahwai, talks about her life with the condition.

This part starts just after 14 minutes in.

Anna Kennedy 28th December 2017

Anna Kennedy about her latest work with the Autism community and about the Anna Kennedy Online Charity.

This part starts just after 39 minutes in.

Aston Avery - 13th October 2017

Anna’s guest, winner of the 2016 National Diversity Role Model for Disability, Aston Avery. Chrissy also gives her tips on how to handle stigma.

This part starts just after 14 minutes in.

Kieron Lee - 24 March 2017

Anna Kennedy shares first-hand experience of what living with a family member with autism can be like. And there is a performance of ‘Letting Go’ by the amazing Kieron Lee, from the Anna Kennedy Online album ‘Building Bridges’.

This part starts just after 9 minutes in.

Anna Kennedy - 17th Aug 2017

Anna Kennedy on what is happening in the autism world and to talk about the importance of parents with children with disabilities taking time out.

This part starts at 35 minutes in.

Alessandra Bester - June 2018

Anna’s guest is Alessandra Bester founded Functional Foods (selling delicious natural snacks), who also created job opportunities for those diagnosed with autism.

John-Paul J-Rock Horsley - 7th March 2018

Anna’s guest is Charity Patron John-Paul J-Rock Horsley talks about how he met Anna and about his son who has Autism and his own diagnosis.

This part starts 14 minutes in.

Mala Thapar - 25th December 2017

Anna’s guest is Charity Champion Mala Thapar about cultural challenges and Autism, an extraordinary and special performance by Marie Gorton

This part starts just after 15 minutes in.