Yesterday Anna Kennedy OBE regular Autism contributor for the Sky TV ‘The Chrissy B’ show the only Mental Health and Well being show on television interviewed Melanie Leahy.

This programme will be aired within the next few weeks.


7 days after being taken to a place of safety * by Essex Police, my son was dead. As a mother struggling to know what was best for Matthew, I felt relief that he was finally in a place of safety and under professional care.

I was advised not to visit for the first week and allow him to settle on the ward.

The next time I got see my son, he was a crime scene on a hospital trolley.

When I lent down to kiss him, I was told, ‘don’t touch, he’s a crime scene’.

An Article Jury led Coroner’s Inquest in Jan 2015 could not conclude Suicide.

The verdict was left OPEN.

A statement read out to the court said: ‘Matthew Leahy had been subjected to a series of multiple failings and missed opportunities over a long period of time.’

Evidence has been destroyed.

Papers falsified.

Staff not traceable.

Currently there is an ongoing Health and Safety Investigation. I know I’ve not been given the full picture into what happened to my son on the day he died.

He was found with four possible five needle wounds in his groin, GHB (the date rape drug) in his blood stream.

Blood in his stomach and bruises above his ankles. Matthew had called home four days before he died begging to come home, saying “I’m in hell in here.

Please help me. I’m being drugged and raped on the ward.

We told him to call the police. He did exactly that. Before the police arrived, staff had medicated our son some more.

The police deemed him of no capacity to be examined.

We have later discovered no mental capacity assessment was ever done. Police failed to take any swabs, they failed to seize any clothing.

I have been fighting for the last seven years, since Matthew died, for answers.

Just recently The Parliamentary Health Service Ombudsman produced a report and Sir Norman Lamb MP has backed my call for an urgent Public Inquiry. Currently Government is denying this. There is so much delay and people continue to die.

Melanie shared with Anna that she is looking for support for her petition  running to have her son’s case discussed in Parliament. It has already exceeded the 10000 needed for a response from Government, but needs 100000 to be considered for debate. Melanie cannot do this alone she has asked for Anna’s support and cannot do this alone. Please help Melanie and click on the link and sign up:

Melanie will be joining Anna discussing her call for a Public Inquiry into Matthews unnecessary death on 15th October 2019 live at 1pm on Anna’s weekly Women’s Radio Station programme.

Melanie shared:

‘I am extremely grateful to Anna for giving me this opportunity to raise awareness of my campaign and hope that it will help progress my quest for answers, accountability and change for others. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the 27000 plus supporters of my campaign, to date.‘I fight this fight for all those failed to date and all your loved ones needing safe, compassionate care now and in the future.’

Please tune in

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