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Meeting the Social Care Needs of Adults

If an adult is to receive a service from a local authority, they must have come to the attention of the local authority and an assessment (called a needs assessment) will need to have taken place and social services will have concluded that they qualify to...

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You are all invited to take part in Autism Dance Day 2019

Autism Dance Day is now in its seventh year and as always Anna Kennedy OBE and her team will be using the day to raise awareness for autism around the UK, the event is celebrated on social media today and through the weekend of 26th April 2019.Industry...

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Our Charity response to NHS Development plan

The NHS has produced its new health service prevention measures (a 10 year plan) designed to be pre-emptive i.e. stopping problems happening.There is a lot to this initiative including providing early intervention for people with autism. In summary autism...

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Announcing our new Ambassador – Siena Castellon

Anna Kennedy Online are proud to announce our new Ambassador Siena Castellon.Siena Castellon is a 16 year old neurodiversity advocate and anti-bullying campaigner. She is autistic, dyslexic and dyspraxic. She also has ADHD. Siena is passionate about...

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20 years go by in a flash whoosh!

20 years ago this Saturday Anna Kennedy OBE picked up the keys to start her own school from Hillingdon Civic Centre and her story has been history ever since. Anna's two sons, Patrick, 28 and Angelo, 25, were both diagnosed with an autistic spectrum...

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Callum loves to Dance on stage!

Recently Heidi Kirrage mother of Callum was my guest at my regular 'All Things Autism' Women's Radio Station programme which is to be aired very soon.Heidi shares with Autism Advocate Anna Kennedy OBE :Callum is 11 years old and he was born in Russia....

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