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Alessandra talks Autism, Nutrition and Chocolate

Anna Kennedy OBE guest this week on her regular 'All Things Autism' Womens Radio Show is Alessandra Bester Founder of Team No No.Anna met Aless many years ago then their paths crossed again at AnnaKennedyonline's Charity Autism Expo at Brunel...

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Navigating the SEN Legal System

This week’s guest on Anna Kennedy’s Live radio show 'All Things Autism ' was Mandy Aulak. Mandy is mum to 6-year-old Swaran. At age 3, Swaran was diagnosed with autism. Prior to his diagnosis, Mandy had a successful career working in the city as a...

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Autism Reality Experience

Anna Kennedy OBE recorded her first Autism session of 2019 on the only Mental Health and Well Being Chat Show 'Chrissy B' on Sky TV. Anna is the regular autism correspondent for the show and her invited guest this month was Managing Director Glen Knight...

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