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UK autism charity, Anna Kennedy Online is delighted to announce that their young patron Ryan Wiggins has been honoured with a Diana Award.

Ryan Wiggins, 15 from Watford, has received the Diana Award for his charity work for Anna Kennedy Online, including volunteering, ambassadorship and empowering other young people to change their lives, communities and families.

Ryan, who has Asperger’s Syndrome works alongside the charity and rolls out leading campaigns that promote anti bullying, raise awareness of autism, and help change people’s perspectives.

Since 1999, over 47,000 young people have been recognised with a Diana Award for making an outstanding difference in their communities’ across the globe and continuing Princess Diana’s legacy. With the support of HRH Prince William and HRH Prince Harry, The Diana Award aims to inspire and recognise social action in young people by going beyond its Awards programme with youth led initiatives that empower young people to achieve their full potential and make a difference.

Tessy Ojo CEO of the Diana Award said: “The Diana Award is proud to recognise incredible young people, like Ryan Wiggins who have the confidence and courage to stand up for what they believe. The Diana Award is presented to inspirational young people who work to improve the lives of others in their schools and communities. With a growing network of over 47,000 Award Holders, we are building a force of young people who are committed to taking action and improving the lives of others.”

“Ryan is a passionate and talented individual, who has consistently battled adversity. He uses his experiences to help and improve the lives of others, and his commitment to the charity is incredible. Ryan is an important part of the AKO team, and a well deserved winner of the Diana Award.” Anna Kennedy OBE, Founder of Anna Kennedy Online.

To celebrate #DianasLegacy during Princess Diana’s birthday month The Diana Award will be publishing a full list of Award Holders from the academic year 2015/2016 at on the 4th July 2016. Nominations for the Diana Award for the academic year 2016/2017 open in September 2016 and can be made on the Diana Award’s website.

About the Diana Awards

Underpinning all of our programmes are 3 core elements:

  • Skills development

  • Character building

  • Social action

These programmes are:

  • The Diana Award Programme Giving young people value.

  • The Diana Award Network Programme Supports social mobility and furthers social action for young people.

  • The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign Gives young people, professionals and parents the skills and confidence to tackle all forms of bullying.

  • The Diana Award Mentoring Programme Supports at risk young people.


Since 1999 The Diana Award has…

  • Recognised 47,000 young people for their social action with a Diana Award

  • Trained over 17,000 young people to tackle bullying in their schools and communities

  • Supported over 285 hard to reach young people through the Mentoring Programme

  • Empowered & Engaged 2,000 young people through initiatives run by the Network Programme.

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NewsOur Ryan is Honoured with an Award in Memory of Princess Diana