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Polishing Our Cockpits!

An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

As always, we are having a heatwave as our children return to school …. Beautiful but it really can deplete them (and you!) of energy. Having continual tests and pressure along with still transitioning out of Covid can also sap a great deal of energy.

If you or your child have different abilities, disabilities, or challenges, it can be particularly heightened.  Mental health has taken an absolute bashing and it can all get too much to deal with, leading to overwhelm and meltdowns.

As I always say, when life gets too much and on top of you, look at your hand and remind yourself of what you DO have control over because we so often can do very little about the things we can’t control, like transitioning, school, and exams.

All our higher or executive brain functions are all inside the frontal lobe of the brain. If you imagine yourself as a jumbo jet, the techniques I’m sharing this week are like taking a huge bottle of Polish and getting those higher brain functions shiny and firing on all cylinders!!

This week’s short video demonstrates some really useful techniques to keep you going

When you massage your temples, you are right on the Capital City of the four main happy hormones and coping chemicals. You’ll be ready for take-off in seconds – literally!

Focus, attention, motivation, drive, concentration, alertness, memory and feeling able to cope and function will immediately be boosted, sending those messages to not just our brains but the memory in our cells, water, and even immune system!!!

By pushing your fingers up through the roots of your hair and then squeezing the roots into a ball as you lift the scalp is just the most unbelievably delicious feeling!! It also pushes all the blood and oxygen to your brain!

By gently massaging the sides of your head with your finger pads gets you working directly on the path of dopamine to the brain. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter which many of our SEN children, especially those with ADHD, PDA, ADD ASD and dyslexia are deficient in. It’s just a different wiring of the brain and we can take charge of that by stimulating party loads of the stuff!!

Massaging the forehead is completely WONDERFUL too for getting those higher brain functions so shiny they might even be seen from space!

I was running some free training in schools last week explaining to teachers how these would be such good tools for the WHOLE classroom after morning and afternoon registration as well as for breathers in between lessons. Everyone will be at their optimum, the teachers will have less stress and the learning environment calmer and more inclusive.

Our kids have been so brilliant through these challenging times. So, giving them a five-minute break to refresh and reboot is not only advisable but absolutely gorgeous.

See you next week!

Take care,


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Your Breath Is Your Superpower
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