Any business needs to approach the issue of disability from the perspective of both their staff and their customers. For a company to be fully inclusive, the importance of both groups need to given equal weight. But for inclusion to work, it is important to stress that its not spending money that is key, it is having the right values.

Anna Kennedy Online can help with this process as far as autistic spectrum disorders is concerned. This is what we can do:

Staff: for any member of staff who has a disability that complies with the definition given in the Equality Act 2010 is entitled to have reasonable adjustments made for them. The purpose of such adjustments is to remove the substantial disadvantage they may be subjected to as a result of aspects of work carried out in the company. By offering training about how autism affects adults in the workplace, a company is able to devise a toolkit which can be used internally to make reasonable adjustments.

Customers: All companies want to maximise customer satisfaction. But a customer who has and ASD can have a very different experience to those who have not. Again, reasonable adjustments should be made. Staff training can better equip colleagues to deal with who to deal with any challenges that arise when meeting the needs of customers who have an ASD.  By raising staff awareness, staff can start to employ the skills they have learned and this helps all concerned.

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