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In September 2017 my family received our little boys diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition. It was a very daunting time for us and we suddenly realised we had this whole new journey in front of us that we knew nothing about and was completely unfamiliar with. We quickly learned that there was a major lack of support information and direction.

Then we were introduced to Anna Kennedy and her team via my very lovely sister in law Lisa Robins. And suddenly it felt as though a door had opened into a wider community of understanding and acceptance support and advice. We did not feel alone anymore. Anna and her amazing team gave us direction in a time of confusion and their help throughout our journey so far has been invaluable.

Ciara Curtis


Never got to say thank you for inviting me to the Brunel expo 2016.

Had I had not gone, I wouldn’t have been able to make so many contacts and now friends. All that has lead to my son coming out of ATU and in the fabulous home he is in ( care provider recommended by one of the mums)

Everything has lead to where we are now. Thank the lord for that invite!! Thank Mala so much

Jackie Stillman


I have met Anna in person at an autism event in late 2017 and followed her on social media she is a powerhouse in knowledge and sharing. AKO Autism Expo 2018 was personal, professional and above all accessible for young people and families who want to learn more about autism.

When I spoke young families came in with their children reflecting the strong sense of relaxation and calmness throughout the whole day. This all ties in with ethos and it is clear that Anna’s ethos is open, honest and transparent I believe Anna’s foundations are something that could (or should be!) translated into disability awareness policies in sharing information, something that in essence is so crucial. I enjoyed my day and look forward to coming back again.

Paul Isaacs

Speaker, trainer, author, consultant and patron on autism spectrum

The AKO Autism Expo 2018 was an inspiring day full of passionate people committed to making a difference.


Ali Golding

Founder and creative Director , Movement Works

Anna just wanted to say thank you for all your posts about your sons Patrick and Angelo and about what you get up to.I don’t know how you do it but I am glad you do.You keep me going and I feel like I know you and your boys since I have been following you for a few years. When I am feeling really rubbish I look at your posts some make me laugh , some make me feel emotional or just being informed about what’s going on in the world of autism. Don’t stop being you or doing what you do!!! We as an autism community need you to be our voice and I most certainly need your daily posts.Thanks for taking time out from your busy days in keeping us informed and for helping me to keep going in my feeling lonely days.Bless you and your family xxx


Being lost in a world that I didn’t understand with my child whom was struggling at school and at home, the impact on our whole family has been immense. As a mom of six my attention was drawn off five of my children most of the time as my first son now five needs one on one adult supervision. The school were failing him, as was I and I didn’t know where to turn until I was put in contact with Nikki Rodregues Holmes. She has been a constant support and friend helping me deal with situations that I just didn’t understand and organise departments that were simply letting my son down because they could. She has attended meetings with me and given me untold amounts of practical, helpful advise to help manage my son. I know I can call her any time and she never makes me feel silly or unwelcome. I’m amazed by her strength and passion for her work. And this is just the beginning. I can’t say thank you enough. Your turning our lives around. Because of Nikki and the Annakennedy charity I’m no longer drowning in a world I don’t understand. I’m excited to learn more and be a part of it. I know my child can succeed along with all the other children with autism who have so much to give. With just the right backing. With Nikki and the Annakennedy charity I dream of a world one day when autism is not treated as taboo and is embrassed as the gift it is. Thank you again.

Jess and Sidney-George.


I would just like to take this chance to say a big thanks to the charity for the work Austin has done for us as a family.
Twice now we have needed his help in serious matters around our two sons both who have asd.
Often a lot of the help and support that exists out there is not suited to our two boys so finding someone like Austin who will take the time to listen and understand the full situation is amazing. We have met lots of people who seem to think they know a lot but actually they only seem to know very set ideas and don’t appreciate our boys as individuals in their own right. Both are very different so why other people, supposedly there to help, think they should only be behaving in the same way as others I do not know. Austins experience is very obviously wide and from a point of view where he has actually worked with people and learnt from those situations which we think is invaluable.Rather than not wish to engage with my boys, as many so called professionals don’t seem to want to, he was on the floor with them and presented them both with something to play with. His understanding of our boys has meant that again we have been able to fight for what they rightly deserve. I can only wish that other professionals claiming to understand autism and even members of our own family could appreciate things in the way Austin does.The paperwork and letters he has done for us we know must take up a lot of time along with that spent actually talking to us and working with us. To have access to this is amazing and as a family we hope this can always be accessed by many.
Sarah Spence

“Thank you so much for your inspirational talk yesterday at Brunel Academy. It has certainly given me some ideas to think about when working 1:1 with my student.”

Teachers, TA's and associated staff of Brunel Primary & Nursery Academy.

“1 word to describe today…. Wow #‎austinhughes”

“I didn’t get the chance to properly thank you today for the most inspiring and emotionally evoking session at Brunel. Thank you so much,Austin, for your honesty, your passion for sharing yourself with us.”

“Had a fantastic, emotional day today, listening to an inspirational man. Thank you so much @Strideforth I’m going to help build rockets.”

“Very inspired by such a fabulous guy Austin Hughes… You’ve touched every one of us Brunelians xx”

“Thank you for today Austin you’re a great guy with a brilliant way of teaching understanding autism.”

I would like to say a big thanks for your Austin. I recently heard him  speak in Kent and within that talk he covered issues around Christmas. He was good enough to allow us time as a couple to speak to him afterwards
which was great. There were a few things we didn’t get at the time but

There were a few things we didn’t get at the time but having now done all of what he suggested we are stunned at the reaction we are getting from our boy.

Christmas has always been a real problem and we have had to go from trying to have a proper family Christmas to nothing at all when our son becomes upset and even attacks the decorations. This year having done what your man
suggested we not only have some parts of the house decorated so we can enjoy as a family but we also have a calm son who is somehow enjoying things he hated before.

I can’t explain just how upsetting the last few years have been as we have tried to be the best family but have seemed to fail. Austin has changed that for us and shown us how to be more confident. We have been given so much advice by others in the past that has not achieved anything.  Please could we have him come and live with us. Help that changes how our entire family works and makes it feel happy again is something we thought we would never find.
Keep up the good work.

Debbie Hills