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 The Power of EFT

An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

EFT is Emotional Freedom Technique and although gentle, when used often, is powerful stuff!! And so easy to do!!

In this week’s video I show just 4 or 5 tapping techniques to get you going.

They are so simple to learn and in the coming weeks I shall share some more along with the neuroscientific benefits of what these techniques actually do. It is so important to me that you take charge of your mental health and take it literally into your hands.

It is empowering just for starters!!

If you have a child who just cannot sit down, make the EFT fun!! Just as with massage, reflexology, or yoga, turn it into stories, treasure hunts or lucky dips!

A good place to start us with “The Wizard’s Wish” by the fabulous Brad Yates who also has a YouTube channel and FB group. It is a simple but really engaging story which shows the kids that they have all the “magic” they need in their fingers!

EFT is fabulous for everyone and everyone regardless of mobility, disability, different ability, neurotypical or neurodiversity.

It is particularly beneficial for our mental health and very defective in reducing anxiety, boosting confidence and self-esteem as well as focus and self-belief.

When used often, it actually filters into the memory in all out trillions of cells as well as our water … and even builds me and positive neurological pathways!!

I have found it especially beneficial and very powerful in my work with SEN children, young adults, their families, and teachers.

Yes, as I always say, YOU build your brain!! Your minds build your brains and whatever fires them, wires them!

So, let us get started!

The most important thing to remember is to resist a positive thought of affirmation as you tap. You can change the affirmation friending on your need at the time.

So, for instance it might be

“I can do this “or

“I can overcome this “or

“I am confident “or

“I am free of anxiety “.

Make it your own!

Then with ideally two fingers, your first and second fingers, tap the acupressure points to release those all-important happy hormones and coping chemicals, anti-anxiety points, anger points and stress relieving points. It is just gentle tapping and while you do it, you repeat your affirmation inside your head.

Give it a go!! You will be amazed! And if yoga, reflexology, massage, or acupressure are not for you, this is well worth a whirl!!

Take care everyone!

Big love and see you next week, Giuliana

The Power of EFT
The Power of EFT
The Power of EFT
The Power of EFT
The Power of EFT
The Power of EFT
The Power of EFT
The Power of EFT
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