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 The Power of EFT – Part two

An article by our Well-being Ambassador Giuliana Wheater and her video!

Touch Therapy for autism, ADHD, dyslexia, ADD, PDA, dyscalculia, neurodiversity but also for EVERYONE!


How often have you sat there, head in your hands, and wished you had a quick and easy way to help your child, or you feel better?

I know I have …. Many times, over.

This week I am going to share with you the second part of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique.

Feel free, if tapping is not for you, to press and release the points I demonstrate in the video, as you would do in acupressure or even gentle massage in rotating circles.

Sometimes we feel like different methods on different days, and these will all add to that toolbox of ideas and techniques …. And literally, physically taking your mental health into your hands. All at your fingertips!!

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is based on well-established and proven acupressure points. You always use your first two fingers together to tap those points.

The only difference between using EFT and massage or acupressure is that you think of a positive message or affirmation to repeat as you tap.

EFT often provides fast relief from physical pain but also emotional pain or physical-emotional issues.

Used frequently it actually goes into our trillions of cells on a neuroscientific level and also on a neurological level by changing negative pathways in the brain to positive ones. This has been proven through MRI scanning and neurological imaging.

So, it really really works!!

EFT was developed by a guy called Gary Craig whose work was based on the landmark discoveries of Dr Roger Callahan.

I just want to cuddle them both so hard!!

Based on the same principles of the ancient therapy of acupuncture, EFT is a dead easy way to help ease and erase yucky feelings such as fear, anger, worry, anxiety, low self-esteem, low self-belief, sadness, cravings and even nightmares.

To date there have been absolutely no documented negative side effects to this simple tapping technique although personally I would advise that even if you have had just one epileptic fit, avoid tapping the top of your head.

This therapy, as do all my other touch therapies, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, works beautifully alongside allopathic or GP treatments and medication. However, if you are worried do contact your GP. I work alongside them all the time, and many are now so open to working in this way.

My therapies do not replace any medication or GP treatment. They simply work alongside it absolutely fantastically. It is why so much of my work has also been in hospitals, hospices, and Intensive Care Units.

It is not my place, nor would I be so arrogant, as to talk anyone out of any medication.

Have a GORGEOUS and positive week everyone!

Take care, Hugs, Giuliana

The Power of EFT: Part two - an article by Giuliana Wheater
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Mental Health and wellbeing CampaignThe Power of EFT: Part two – an article by Giuliana Wheater