Anna Kennedy Online is celebrating fathers living with autism this Father’s Day. Adeptly titled ‘Three Men and a Little Lady’, the charity has created a film focusing on the father’s perspective of autism. Featuring three interviews from dads, and an open and honest discussion led by charity founder Anna Kennedy OBE. This never before seen candid footage offers an emotional perspective of a father’s love and dedication.

“There is so much focus on mum’s and how they cope with autism, we wanted to share the father’s point of view. These interviews are rare and the difference in their responses to their female counterparts provide interesting and straightforward reactions.” – Anna Kennedy OBE, Founder of Anna Kennedy Online.

The film, which was filmed at Amba Hotel, London by AKO young patron Ryan Wiggins, focuses on everyday life with children with autism. The dads featured are Sanjay Thapar, Andrew Holmes and Mick Cordwell, all who have had to make huge changes to their lifestyles and careers.

“A father’s love is as important as a mother’s, and we wanted to celebrate the sacrifices and compromises that each man has made for his family. These achievements are not recognised enough and deserve positive attention, and this is what the video is doing.” Anna continues.

Anna Kennedy OBE works closely with families who live with autism to help shine a positive light and help their situations. Anna has helped hundreds of families throughout the UK and globally. This film is a series of events created by the charity to help the public understand the real faces of autism, good and bad.

“Our video is helping to spread an honest message about living with autism. It is allowing us to expand out outreach, raise awareness and continue to support more and more families on a global scale.” – Anna Kennedy OBE concludes.