I am looking forward to having 2 weeks off at the end of August although will it really be time off since its Angelo’s Summer hols from College. As a parent of 2 young men we all have days when the pressure of the week can get too much. We are all trying our best juggling care, mum’s taxi service, giving advice, reading some of those wonderful SEN documents that are thrown at you where you are looking out for ‘Where’s the catch?’ and all on a few hours sleep if your lucky with grabbing a cat nap here and there if the opportunity occurs.

Tomorrow on Chrissy B Show I am highlighting again the importance of time out for mum and dad. I know its never easy especially if you are a one parent family.

Sometimes we just need a quiet 5 mins whatever it maybe to do. A cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit, listen to a couple of your favourite songs that remind you of your youth or go out onto the trampoline and have a jump . (I have done that before lol). Its about doing something different like for me its my zumba a great stressbuster for me. Autism can be challenging not only for us parents for the individual who you care for love and cherish.We are the glue holding everything together so take 5 mins as and when you can , even if its too shut your self in the bathroom and have a scream! (I have done that before as well lol )

Anna xx

Anna Kennedy OBE