Where Does Your Money Go?

Anna Kennedy Online may be a small charity and but the charity does massive things and is made up mostly of volunteers who combine the ethos and integrity of the founder Dr Anna Kennedy OBE who is passionate about helping society and raising Autism Awareness across the globe by making a difference and by caring about individuals. Our charity has the right ethos and the positive integrity to helping and supporting communities right across the UK and beyond and we are different; we care, and many have benefited from a range of training, events, workshops and have left a positive influence of many lives.

Key achievements

Introducing #GUAB Give Us A Break 2019 Anti-bullying campaign
We have reached out to a wide spread audience by offering a range of services, from legal advice, support and speaking to many public bodies such as schools, colleges. We collaborate with companies such as Great Western railways, Heathrow Airport and large blue-chip organisations to name a few. We continue to raise Autism awareness and promote inclusion within their areas of expertise. Despite the global pandemic, we have continue to provide some amazing workshops and the attendees who have attended left full of knowledge and key indicators, with direction. These ranged from SEN and EHCP to SEN, employment and Social Care. Click here to download our charity presentation which gives further details 
The EHCPs – Do Parents Matter?
With a strong team – nothing is impossible.

Fundraise for us!

We need your help! Anna Kennedy Online is a small charity with a big heart, that raises Autism Awareness like no other mainstream charity, we are not conventional nor traditional. We are established and passionate about helping society and raising Autism Awareness across the globe by making a difference through our dedication to reaching out and supporting communities right across the UK and beyond. Your help is so important to us, by taking on a new challenge and fundraising for us, you will be helping to raise Autism Awareness and make changes and spread our mission statement. Our core team of Charity Champions, Patrons and Ambassadors work closely together to create fundraising opportunities, from Fun days, Football matches, Zumbathons to Cake sales. Your idea or activity big or small is greatly appreciated as we value your support – if you would like to organise a fundraiser for us, please click here to contact us with your ideas and we will be in touch


Anna Kennedy Online collaborated with Pineapple Arts and offer sponsorship to children and adults on the spectrum, this has been life changing for many and spring boarded into greater opportunities.